Banjima Man

Respect to Banjima Man

Prince of the Pilbara

Banjima Man

Banjima Man



out there in the bush

I am emperor;

the bush is me


I have done my research

and discovered that I Am Banjima Man!






and I would tell you that in that language

if I could find anyone alive to teach me.


I would also tell you in the Secret Sign Language

that we use during “special periods” such as mourning.


In fact, I would much rather learn the Secret Sign Language

than the other one

so that we could “talk” in secret…




Im thankan,


the white fella, he don’t know,


and the neighbouring blackfellas can’t understand,


and since we are the Only Lving People with either skills in- or knowledge of this language,


its probably OK just to say it out loud.




I Am Banjima Man!


I would say


and take a great triumphant gulp of my beer!



Yes, Banjima Man, I would think to myself

(probably in english)

as the cool beer ran down my throat

and drew away

some of the pain from my broken heart…



I am the *last* Banjima Man…


I would silently admit


and watch the cool soothing foam and spit

run to the bottom of my glass…



Yet I would hold my head high –

as high as even Senator Neville Bonner!


for I know the struggles My People have seen.




The Struggle


is never over



I shall continue.




If all else fails,


I’z gwan eatcha!


Though the prima facie evidence of the practice of cannibalism is very meager, and any information concerning particulars is but charily given by the aboriginals, there is no doubt that this custom, though gradually becoming more and more obsolete, certainly does take place.


This is my Country

The rich Pilbara colours of fiery reds, golds and the most brilliant blue skies


This is the other Mob

The Yindjibarndi culture is truly unique. With its own language, traditions, customs and laws, the average whitefella can become very confused.

clickable map

a more helpful clickable map but with placenames

There are currently no escorts listed in Banjima.


318 Aboriginal languages of the Pilbara: Banjima Wangka Maya, Pilbara Aboriginal Language Centre; Lorraine Injie; Alan Dench
From Alan Dench’s work edited by Lorraine Injie [Vocabulary; Texts: 1 file, 24 kB, 194 entries] Open

375 Panyjima Dench, Alan
[Grammar; Vocabulary: 1 file, 318 kB, ~1,000 entries] Open to view but not to copy

442 Bilybara : Aboriginal languages of the Pilbara region Sharp, Janet; Nicholas Thieberger
Funded by the AIATSIS Dictionaries Project [List of Resources: 11 files, 1716 kB] Open

477 Panyjima text Dench, Alan
[Texts: 1 file, 308 kB] Open to view but not to copy

Search the Internet for ‘Hotels’ in banjima

ASEDA Languages by region

Click on a region to go to a list of languages in that region:

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Languages

There are more than 200 Australian Indigenous languages. Less than 20 languages are strong, and even these are endangered
An annotated bibliography and guide to the indigenous languages of part of Western Australia

Dench (1986 p.c.) says there are about 50 speakers.

North of Ashburton, east of Rocklea station, west of Weediwooli creek, south of Hamersley Range. Eastern portion of Hamersley Range about Mulga Downs

Aboriginal English (written by Diana Eades)

Today many, if not most, non-Aboriginal Australians are still ignorant about Aboriginal English


In many subtle ways Aboriginal English is a powerful vehicle for the expression of Aboriginal identity.

Most of the language work done in this geographical area has been conducted in the past thirty years

resources on The Luvverly Interwebs – but no Banjima…

Banjima Tower

Banjima Cemetary


Images of Australian Rock Art

These paintings depict totemic inhabitants of the Australian landscape in the ‘dreamtime’.

very very old online books available here


here’s an interesting book about my Pilbara brothers & sisters


Marriage Laws

As we have seen before, the marriage laws are very strict, and are by tribe as follows:-

1. BANAKA marries BOORONG.
Their children are PALJARRI.

Their children are BANAKA.

3. BOORONG marries BANAKA.
Their children are KYMERA.

Their children are BOORONG.


Old Testament parallels

It has been said elsewhere that the physical features of Western Australia resemble, in many respects, those of the Holy Land.


It is scarcely necessary that I should disclaim any intention of identifying my aboriginal friends with the Lost Tribes!


And here’s a joke!

I have often heard it averred that the natives are utterly wanting in a sense of humour


The Panytyima Language

Status: Nearly Extinct

Wangka Maya Pilbara Aboriginal Language Centre

Wangka Maya means “Language Place” in Western Desert Languages.

Deadly Sounds from my brothers & sisters

Australia’s only national weekly Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander music show





There have been many distinguished Indigenous Australians, in politics, sports, the arts and other areas. These include senator Neville Bonner, olympic athlete Cathy Freeman , tennis player Evonne Goolagong, rugby league immortal Arthur Beetson, rugby union legend Mark Ella , AFL star Michael Long, actor Ernie Dingo, musician Jimmy Little, painter Albert Namatjira, singer Christine Anu and many others.




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