Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Lawrence anymore…


The Luvvery Interwebs
is a luvverly place indeed

One of my favourite sites is A Softer World

like she asked me to…

I signed up for the Notify List
and received this:

I can’t reread The Story of the Eye without wanting to write something
dirty. Have you read it? I found a PDF! You can get it here:

So I duteously went to Supervert and, in addition to TSotE
[haven’t finished it yet – it’s nice in small shots],
found Reality Studio!

I am talking to you…

August 2nd 2007 marks the 10th anniversary of the death of William S. Burroughs. In honor of the occasion, offers an excellent commemorative edition of interviews, memoirs, and articles commemorating Lawrence’s most famous man of letters. (Where else can you read an anecdote like this one by Mr. Grauerholz? “In 1974, I went to some of these classroom meetings at CCNY, a creative writing class. And one of the students asked him: ‘Mr. Burroughs, how does it feel to be a genius?’ And he said: ‘You get used to it.’

Dead City Radio

In commemoration of Burroughs, you might also want to read about the 1997 memorial service, Timothy Miller’s eulogy, and Jim McCrary’s Remembering William Burroughs and Allen Ginsberg at George Laughead’s comprehensive Beats in Kansas.

I know it’s a little overdue, Parishioners,
but drop an Aspro&#trade; into your communion wine

and spare a thought for Wild Bull Lee

I shall be trawling these links until I am well sated.

Doctor Benway

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