Fire Rose


I feel the earth – move,” she sings
under my feet – I feel the sky come-a-tumbalan’ down

and she is Irish whiskey;
no better anaesthetic…

The day before the contract between Carnegie Steel and the Amalgamated Iron and Steel Workers expired, and the decision by Pennsylvania’s governor to send all 8,500 members of the state’s National Guard to occupy the town of Homestead, workers fought a pitched battle with a “private army” hired by Carnegie’s partner, Henry Clay Frick. The “army” consisted of 300 Pinkerton detectives, heavily armed, who travelled the seven miles from Pittsburgh on barges early on the morning of July 6. Workers lined the shore and opened fire as the barges came within range. The battle lasted twelve hours before the company’s force finally surrendered. The Pinkertons, often used as strikebreakers, had tried to surrender twice before. The workers, however, refused to acknowledge their white flag and continued to shoot round after round at the barges. The workers located an old cannon with which they also tried, without success, to sink the barges. Their attempts to set them on fire also failed.

Roosevelt meets Mr Pinkerton

I am U.S.A.

USA USA USA all the way!

and she is smootha silk.

She owns me;

happy that way,

living within her.

I watched the men as they stirred the deeps beneath. I could not help admiring the swift and splendid action of their bodies. They had the silence and certainty one admires in the tiger’s action.

these are the depths

A journalist was here:

Trust me, OK?

Since when did you speak for the nation?

It doesn’t have to be this way…

This is my country.

Hamlin and Julian have only one leg each

Hamlin & Julian; Jules leaning on his sword:

Rose, y’know?

*This* is where they killed her; here

Yea, Rose…

“Come to the starting point,” she said. I followed her timidly far up toward the other end, my eyes fixed on the beautiful glow of a redhot bloom of a woman soaring high in the air. She lit the interior with a glorious light.

Fire Rose

fire rose

Tonight, the ambulance needs me

together, we can achieve Great Thangs

As night fell the scene became still more grandiose and frightful. I hardly dared move without direction. The rosy ingots, looking like stumps of trees reduced to coals of living fire, rose from their pits of flame and dropped upon the tables, and galloped head on against the rollers, sending off flakes of rosy scale. As they went through, the giant engine thundered fin, reversing with a sound like a nearby cannon; and everywhere the jarring clang of great beams fell upon the ear. Wherever the saw was set at work, great wheels of fire rose out of the obscure murk of lower shadow.

Rose has a Secret Fire

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