Teh Mining Boom


I have, of late, Parishioners,

been Among The Heathen
in the Mighty Pilbara

The WA Gas Industry claims that the region takes its name from pilbarra, an Aboriginal word for the mullet [ha Ha HA!] and that the name was derived from the Pilbara Goldfield, discovered in 1885, which was itself named after Pilbara Creek (originally spelt “Pilbarra“) a tributary of the Yule River. Alternatively, Wangka Maya (Pilbara Aboriginal Language Centre) says in its publication Bilybara (p. ii) that it derives from the name for the Pilbara region in Nyamal and Banyjima, bilybara meaning ‘dry’.

A somber occasion…

This is not my country

I am Banjima Man

out there in the bush
I am emperor;
the bush is me

The Monte Bello Isles

The islands were economically significant for pearl fishing from the end of the nineteenth century until the outbreak of the Second World War. A bay of Trimoulle Island was the site of Operation Hurricane,

On 3 October 1952 a plutonium implosion bomb was detonated off the Montebello Islands
The first British nuclear weapons test in 1952. There were two further tests on Alpha and Trimouille Islands in 1956.

Following the ‘Mosaic’ tests in mid-1956, which involved the detonation of two weapons at the Monte Bello site, the British testing program in Australia was confined to the mainland. Four ‘Buffalo’ tests were conducted at Maralinga in September and October 1956, and three ‘Antler’ explosions were detonated there the following year.
For those who survived, there seems little doubt that for the Western Desert (Maralinga) people the alien settlement of Yalata and lack of access to their desert homelands contributed significantly to the social disintegration which characterises the community to this day. Petrol sniffing, juvenile crime, alcoholism and chronic friction between residents and the South Australian police have become facts of life

readhead thang

My sons are labourers
she confesses,
and they earn 120 000 dollars a year
and most of their time they’re sitting on their arse…

A block of land,
a weeks rent –
costs more than in Sydney

Karratha airport –
busiest airport in Western Australia –
carpark full of Company 4WDs

The bar closes 20 minutes before each flight
to ensure the workers catch the plane –
who would stay here?

The Boeing 737
is a fucking small
plane –

remember this?..

Can I get a lighter?
Sorry, we only sell matches

(the terrorists are here too)
That’ll be fifty cents…

One box of matches
120 000 dollars a year…

we call them ” ‘rangers”, Sir…

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