The chief inconveniency to which a ship is exposed, on the contrary, is, that the low-laid cannon in a sort near the brink of the sea, may strike her repeatedly, on or under the surface of the water, so as to sink her before her cannonade can have any considerable efficacy.

San Lorenzo, she has the batteries!

The superiority of the veteran Australian regulars was unchallengeable!

William Falconer’s Dictionary of the Marine – Title Page

variety of Original DESIGNS of SHIPPING, in different Situations;
Together with separate VIEWS of their Masts, Sails, Yards, and Rigging.

The Battle of New Orleans

This crisis the initiative of a subordinate general, the famous military writer Feuquieres (q.v.), converted the hard-won local success into a brilliant victory.

Six lines of cavalry, after enduring the fire of the Allies for many hours, trotted over the open and up to the entrenchments to meet with certain defeat.

How Britannia Came to Rule the Waves
W.H.G. Kingston
Chapter XIX
Warfare in the Nineteenth Century – from A.D. 1845 to A.D. 1900.

the siege was raised chiefly by the efforts of the foreigners residing in the country, among whom was Garabaldi

Rarely has England been called on to interfere in any of the quarrels which have been so frequent among the states of South America.

In these troubled times, it’s nice to know progress remains alive. Never doubt that your friends at Jinx Worldwide Headquarters have the situation in hand and your best interests at heart. We’ve been saying it for almost ten years now: Jinx is watching you.

William Falconer’s Dictionary of the Marine – Preface


Weakness of the American Navy. – Beginning of the wonderful Cruise of the Essex. – The Nocton a Prize to the Essex. – A Search for Bainbridge. – An English Governor deceived. – Failure to find Bainbridge. – The Essex sails for the Pacific Ocean. – Her Arrival at Valparaiso. – Friendliness of the Chilians. – The Essex in Search of British Whalers. – Cruise among the Galapagos Islands. – Capture of the Georgiana and other English armed Whaling-ships. – Porter in Command of a Squadron. – Capture of the dreaded Seringapatam. – Successful cruising among the Galapagos Islands. – Porter warned of Danger. – Porter, with his Squadron, sails for the Marquesas Islands. – Arrival at Nooaheevah. – White Residents on the Island. – Civil War in Nooaheevah. – Porter threatens to engage in it. – The “mighty Gattanewa.” – Battles with the Natives. – Porter victorious. – Change in the Name of the Island and Harbor. – The Typee Valley desolated. – The Women of Nooaheevah. – Porter arrives at Valparaiso. – Incidents in the Harbor of Valparaiso. – Porter’s Generosity. – He tries to fight, or run the Blockade. – The Essex crippled. – Porter’s Generosity not reciprocated. – Battle between the Essex and two British ships. – Surrender of the Essex. – The Conduct of the British Commander. – Porter returns Home. – Honors to Commodore Porter. – His subsequent Career. – His Death and Monument. – Rodgers’s unsuccessful Cruise. – Capture of Merchant Vessels and the Highflyer. – How Rodgers captured the Highflyer. – Astonishment of her Commander. – Rodgers’s Service to his Country. – Another Cruise of the President. – She runs the Blockade at New York. – Honors to Commander Rodgers.

The Essex - or not..?

 “Pepper, lads! pepper, lads! pepper, pepper, pepper!”

William Falconer’s Dictionary of the Marine – Search

Some officers and deputies are awaiting Riccardo’s arrival. Mixing with them is a group of noblemen who are conspiring to kill him.
Ulrica, surrounded by village men and women waiting for their fortunes to be told, invokes the King of Darkness.
Trembling with fear, Amelia arrives to pick the magic herb. Riccardo appears and, after declaring his love, forces her to admit that she loves him in return.
Renato enters with Amelia. Refusing to listen to her explanations, he announces that he will kill her; but as a final favor, he allows her first to go and embrace their only child.
Riccardo’s sense of duty has conquered his passion.
Many masked guests, including the conspirators, crowd the room. Oscar discovers Renato’s identity and is, in turn, unmasked. Renato pressures Oscar to describe the King’s disguise, which he does with great reluctance. Renato goes off, and Riccardo appears, joined by Amelia, who begs him to flee. As they are exchanging a last farewell, Renato returns and stabs the King. Riccardo reveals Amelia’s and his own innocence, pardons Renato and the other conspirators. As all mourn him, he dies.

William Falconer’s Dictionary of the Marine – Contents

Would it not be wiser to take it in ?”

Strike my colours!” cried the captain. “No, sir, not I“; and as soon as he had said the words, I think we all agreed with him. For it was not only a piece of stout, seamanly, good feeling; it was good policy besides and showed our enemies that we despised their cannonade.

from Treasure Island, by R.L. Stevenson.

 queer things about Egypt

THE PRICE OF FIGHTING CLEAN: Does sparing civilians increase the likelihood of war?

1. Can an extranational terror group like Al Qaeda, which holds no territory and can replenish its officers and ranks from a worldwide supply of sympathizers, be defeated in any conventional sense? It’s hard to imagine Al Qaeda suing for peace, and harder to imagine killing or capturing every last member. How deeply would we have to damage such a terrorist group to render it harmless?

2. Do we have the will to fight international terror? The West has a long record of surrender, appeasement, and conciliation towards similar groups. It has a longer record of self-criticism and disunity in the face of ruthless and unified enemies. While Islamists torture and behead their civilian prisoners, we wring our hands and ask whether the air conditioning in our prisoners’ cells might not have been turned too high or low. The last fifty years have witnessed major Western powers retreating again and again from dedicated terrorist insurgencies in Algeria, Cuba, Lebanon, Palestine, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Will it take a WMD attack on a major city to stiffen our resolve? Or would even that fail to mobilize us?

3. Is will enough? Is technology the answer? What about the spread liberty to former dictatorships? Will this war have a winner and a loser, or will it go on indefinitely, like the failed war on drugs, in an endless holding pattern? Must the West accept terrorism as a fact of life, and attempt to contain it as it formerly contained Communism?


Did they Jump the Shark tonight or did they drive over a shark?

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  1. much of this must have occurred before Renee got ahold of him. ‘Save Yr Love,’ indeed. (I only wrote this to convince you i read the middle bits. I did not, however, read the first and last paragraph. It’s a far superior way to review.

  2. This must have been before Renee got ahold of him. ‘Save Yr Love’ indeed. (I only note this to show y’all i read the middle paragraphs. Screw the first and last – that’s a silly way to review.)

  3. Sir,

    you must eat your crusts!

    Renée (real name Hilary Lester) was British born, while Renato Pagliari was Italian (Rome) born. While Renée returned to private life after the fame died down, Renato is still singing and occasionally sings at his brother’s restaurant in Tamworth.

    Contrary to popular belief, the duo are not, strictly speaking, one hit wonders as two follow-up singles “Just One More Kiss” and “Jesus Loves Us All” were minor hits, though neither one made the top 40.


    Le Rev Dr

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