Don’t Fuck it Up!

I ran across this today, Parishioners:

originally from Reasons You Will Hate Me

Mum: So what are you going to say to Kevin when you meet him?

Me: Nothing.

Mum: You have to say something.

Me: No I don’t. I don’t think I even want to meet him.

Mum: How about you pass on a message from me?

Me: Oh my god.

Mum: I’m quite serious.

Me: I know you are.

Mum: Tell him…

Me: Mum, I’m not going to go up to Kevin Rudd and say: ‘Hey, my mum has a message for you‘. It’s retarded.

Here’s the meme, Parishioners,

spread it around!

Don’t Fuck it Up!

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  1. Here’s my (new) Life’s aphorism: ‘If you insist on becoming a fuck-up (and I’m not saying, is all) please keep it to yourself’

    I mean, that’s reasonable, isn’t it?

  2. Ah, Sir,

    much as one strives, one cannot avoid Teh Humanity.

    For my part, I shall go with Jean-Paul:

    L’enfer c’est les autres…

    (Hell is other people)

    (In 1939 Sartre was drafted into the French army, where he served as a meteorologist Does on truly need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows?)

    Bless ’em all…

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