Other People’s Ponies


Parishioners may sympathise with my poor fortune with cars…

La Déesse est malade

Nonetheless, as A Man o’ the Cloth,
I am prepared to Forgive;

while trawling Teh Luvvery Interwebs,

I ran across a site where the guy took a stack of photos at The Toyota Automobile Museum
(for those Parishioners with Fat Pipes™,

here’s a YouTube tour – 8:53, 18,878 KB Parishioners!)

and (to me, at least) they look so professionally lit & shot!

Judging from the number of snaps he took
he has a thang – two thangs, actually, for the 1965 Toyota Sports 800 and the 1968 Toyota 2000Gt.

Me, I prefer The Mighty Nissan Cedric!

the Mighty Nissan Cedric!

Here’s a link to Planet Cedric – the internet’s most comprehensive database of information on the NISSAN CEDRIC

PS: I have seen this movie!

One absolutely *must* see Australian movies with these young stars

Following links led me to some gorgeous pics of my favourite voiture – Le Citroën!
(yes, ‘Tish, they’re French!)

Which takes me back to France,
and a herb & Communion wine-fuelled impromptu jam session
devoted to La Déesse, Le Citroën DSquelle nostalgie
DS is a homophone for “déesse” (goddess), a semantic interpretation that is marvellously apt

La Déesse, Le Citroën DS 2

Celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Citroën DS!

The girl in the cars has already admired the flowers

Links to the Traction, 2CV & SM are also on that page.

only two horses but beaucoup, beaucoup joi!

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