All I Wants for Christmas

I am very keen, Parishioners,

to begin again in 2008.

I wants to squeeze thems

I shall buy new shoes,

stereos for both Ponies

and I want these:

Art becomes more personal if you let yourself become involved.


Bloons! I wants them bloons!

Exposing her inner self through art exhibitions could conflict with the success of MythBusters

Some of her preferred sculpting materials are polymer clay, various found objects, acrylic gouache, wood and metals.

Karen O has been noted for her sense of fashion, wearing over-the-top outfits made by her friend, fashion designer Christian Joy [what a beautiful name!]

She made a brief appearance in an episode of “Dharma and Greg

She had her breasts plaster-casted by Cynthia Plaster Caster in 2003. She won Spin Magazine’s Sex Goddess Award in both 2004 and 2005. [is that all?] In 2006 she was named one of rock’s hottest women by Blender. In 2007 Karen placed #3 on’s Women Who Rock Right Now. [and Mia Dyson?]

SuicideGirls > Interviews > Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Karen O

Missy Suicide: Hi, how are you?
Karen O: Good, how are you?

Need more incentive, Parishioners?

I wants them purties…

People who like Karen O also like Unkle Bob


This gets serious now, Parishioners!

The K.O. At Home Demo Leak

On December 10, 2006, a home-recorded album titled KO at Home was leaked via an invite-only bittorrent tracking site [which?] The album, originally a personal gift to Dave Sitek of the NYC band TV on the Radio, was discovered inside a suitcase Sitek left behind in a New York City apartment. The disc’s 14 tracks and scan of the cover — a photograph of Karen O with a poem written by Oscar Wilde on the back — quickly spread. The music news site broke the story of the leak the following morning and continued their coverage when Sitek lashed out at the fan who leaked the demos.Eventually Sitek followed up his comments with an apology letter. Karen O’s response to the leak was “shit happens” and although she was somewhat “grossed out,” she offered advice on which of the mp3s she liked the best, namely the tracks “Pumpkin” and “Snakes and Worms“. The demos are still floating around online.

*new* Karen! (sorry, Old Karen…)

Jesu, the more I discover about her

the more imaginary she becomes – I want one!

Can anyone help?

Blessings in advance

Le Rev Dr

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