Beginners Guide to Synney


Ran across this the other day, Parishioners,
and couldn’t let it pass:

You know you’re in Sydney when…

3. The weather is sticky and wet and rude. Like a woman’s armpit. After someone has ejaculated into it.

And in the comments:

Oh and thanks for #3, Fits. There ain’t nothing finer than a lady’s pit full of sack tacky, is there?

Ms Fits, of Reasons You Will Hate Me,

is Marieke Hardy; she looks like Mr Bean’s inexplicable daughter!

the photo on the JJJ site is a little better…

she is, however, responsible for the DON’T FUCK IT UP! campaign!

Christopher Robin DYB DYB DYB DOB DOB DOB

She is currently doing JJJ breakfasts

with Robbie & The Doctor.

The most important thang about her post, though,
is the comments; they constitute

A Beginners Guide to Synney


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