Going Back to Kali


I give you, Parishioners, Mr Pasha Malla!

The man went back to India
and has given us his story.

I have, of course, been a fan of The Morning News for *ages*
and read his work before

but this is heart-felt, frighteningly honest stuff
and most worthy of Praise.

The thang was published in installments
and is called Going Back to Kali

the wide brown land for me…

and anyone who knows me
recognizes that there is something special in that alone…

What *really* gets me tho

is this:

(he’s talking about some Russian gangster he met in a club)

his voice
is soot
shaken about in a coffin


Isn’t that just ROCK?

handsome, athletic, talented; he can come to The Rectory anytime!

(I must confess that Hunney brought with her
the last CDs of Sex n the City
and I am rather captivated with Mikhail Baryshnikov
even tho he’s going out with horsey…)
(a little Russian, ‘Tish: Михаил Николаевич Барышников)

but I’m sure he’s a much nicer person…

solid rock - no escape…

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