You what?!?” I ask Short Tony.

He repeats his news.

it is not a Bösendorfer…

I am stunned by the announcement. To say that the news hits me like a football-sized chunk of uranium contained in a safe that has then been placed in an iron-framed grand piano and sent plummeting from the fifteenth floor window of the Institute of High Gravity Studies with a member of sixties hippie combo “The Mamas and the Papas” tied to each leg (John Phillips having a large quantity of loose change in his pocket) followed by an antelope, a large bag of ball bearings and a parcel marked “DANGER OF INJURY! Do Not Attempt to Lift This” would be an understatement.

I *LOVE* The Private Secret Diary!
(A bit like “This Life”, with bowls instead of lawyers. Don’t tell anyone!)

this *might* be a B#246;sendorfer…

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  1. I’m a professional piano teacher. I love your image of the piano falling on the guy with the umbrella!! What is the name of the painting and who is the artist? And where did you find the image? I have looked but I cannot find it. Please let me know! I must see if I can find a copy for my studio!

  2. Brother,

    I simply googled “falling piano” & found the image.

    It’s from http://thechaosofdeath.blogspot.com/2008/02/greatest-fears.html

    I see you have already found the site.

    Please let me know what you discover.

    Blessings & Good Luck,

    Le Rev Dr

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