More Orangs – and a Fruiterer


I have, of late, Parishioners,
written of Orangs
those noble Men of the Jungle

Curiously, the Wikipedia entry
fails to mention Henry Joseph Wheatstone –
I suspect Conspiracy!

I was prompted to write of them again
upon reading SteamPunk Magazine this morning –

Issue Four has just been released –
in which you may learn how to turn lead into gold
or sew a hat

our lives as fantastic as any fiction!

and, in an article entitled Victorians & Altered States
it contains this:

Perhaps the strangest of the drug fads that swept thorough Victorian England was the dabbling in Orangutan adrenaline. Adrenaline from various apes and monkeys (all branded as “Orangutan”) from across the empire was distilled into an injectable form used by a variety of bohemians and decadents in England. The users claimed to gain “primal energy and insight” from the injections. Newspapers of the time claimed the shooting up of “jungle animal blood” created scenes of rapt primitiveness in otherwise civilized people. It is suspected that Poe’s Murders in the Rue Morgue may have been inspired by an infamous (though fictional) tabloid account of a murderous Orangutan adrenaline party in London.

The entire text of The Murders in the Rue Morgue may be found here

an Aubrey Beardsley masterpiece

a commentary here

and a Wiki entry here – check out the Inspiration section

The Bornean species of Orangutans is highly endangered, and the Sumatran species is critically endangered

You too, Parishioners, can help The Noble Orang –
by subscribing to one of my daily reads –
New Scientist magazine

have an orang adopted!

The advertisement says it all.

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  1. Parishioners,

    looking back on this

    I see a little Tina Turner in the ad…


    Le Rev Dr

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