Liquor Store Archaeology


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My brother Tyler and I sometimes play a game we call Liquor Store Archaeology. The aim is to make a pith-helmeted visit to older, neglected liquor stores, the sort of family-owned shops that perhaps were once prosperous and now do business mainly in pint-size flasks or liters of cheap wine or beer by the can.
Inside, we scour the dark bottom shelves and dank back corners of the place, looking for forgotten bottles of spirits that have been languishing, perhaps for decades.

More often than not, we indeed turn up something rare or just plain strange…

Top Shelf Southern Haze liquers

My Brother T and I,
as well as Brother Fat R
and several other enthusiasts in our orbit
have often played this game

and reaped Great Joi from the results!

My private tragedy

I reckon we amass stories in the comments!

Though recently called “the Indiana Jones of lost spirits” by Food & Wine, Seed is actually more cerebral and mild-mannered than he is swashbuckling. His hunts often begin at the request of high-end bartending clients, including those at Central and Cork in D.C. When asked what motivates his quests, Seeds says simply, “The customers I sell to, they take a very dim view of vodka.”

Hmmm, I’m not big on vodka either…

a purple-colored, violet-and-vanilla-flavored DEFUNCT liquor

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