The Fourth Reich

This, Parishioners, is quite bizarre:

Zimbabwe rolls out $500 million bill

With no apparent sense of their own absurdity, Zimbabwe’s central bank has issued a new bill worth 500 million Zimbabwe dollars to ease cash shortages. This follows the Z$250 million bill (pictured) that they issued last week. Prices for goods now double every week as the country braces for a runoff in what has already been a bloody and controversial presidential election.

Here’s the previous contender:

two hundred and fifty million - and counting!

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  1. as the zimmers have failed *conspicuously* to insert the necessay polymer technology it would seem to be an easy matter to cross out “Zimbabwe” and write in “Australia.” Now, where’s my biro? I mean, who’s gonna know?

  2. Brother,

    note that all the smaller notes with *his* face on them are used solely as toilet paper.


    Le Rev Dr

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