Pony Tales Part the Fifth

A *most* enjoyable weekend, Parishioners!

I’m over the dysentery,
my back is returning to functionality
but I still feel dizzy every time I stand…

Saturday was a “normal” Saturday –
listened to the radio (Radio National), rose late,

had coffee & muesli,
listened to the radio,
went down to see my guys at the barbershop,
returned to The Rectory

and listened to the radio (The Departure Lounge on 2SER) for the rest of the day.

poor sick Pony...

Now, White Pony came out in sympathy while I was ill.

Upon recovering, I jumped in to drive to work
turned the key
and –

the dreaded



Alternator doesn’t work.
Battery doesn’t charge.
Runs flat in *days*

SO I took Red Pony to work for a week
while I healed – a bit.

Finally, when I thought I was up to it
I called Brother T.

he arrived unannounced on Sunday morning
and by the time I was outta the shower
he had the battery changed & White Pony was purring (or whatever ponies do)

We dropped White Pony off at his place,
put two batteries on to charge,
then out to change the mags on his mum’s car.

The new ones didn’t fit
but he arranged fixing up a few little thangs on the VR the next day.

Back to Brother T’s – getting outta bed at 8:30 on a Sunday really gives one a *lotta* time in one’s day!

    put new locks in all ’round (NONE of the previous ones worked)
    greased the window winders
    taped up the inside of the doors
    fixed the rear window-wiper water supply
    fixed the internal airflow distributor (or whatever it’s called)
    put in a radio/CD player (YAY!)
    checked all the fuses
    replaced the headlight globes (highbeams – YAY!)
    and put in a reasonably charged battery.

driving happy White Pony in the woods, listening to Dave Graney

That was Sunday – Wednesday morning the battery wasn’t *dead* flat –
but it wouldn’t turn the engine over.
Alternator is fucked.

That’s the job for *this* Saturday.

Here’s me with no job
throwing all this money at The Ponies…

Ah, I trust that
if I am true to my heart
The Gods shall provide.

Bless you Brother T!

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