Pony Tales – Part the Sixth


You may recall, Parishioners,

that The White Pony had alternator problems…

Wednesday morning the battery wasn’t *dead* flat –
but it wouldn’t turn the engine over.
Alternator is fucked.

I charged the battery overnight
and TWP got me to work on Thursday & Friday.

I charged the battery overnight
and, after ablutions, coffee & muesli,
TWP got me to Brother T’s

by 08:00 on Saturday morning.

Ultimate Luxury Automobile needs vacuuming...

First Things First –
we dropped The White Pony off
with Dave at <plug>Kirrawee Auto Electrics</plug>

then went back & took brother T’s daughter to soccer.
I became a little excited, her team won,
we bought her junk food,
then we went back to service The White Pony.

According to my notes, the last service
was November 2006!

We – and I really mean *we* here!
did the plugs,
decided the air filter was too clean to change,
changed the oil and its complementary filter,
added a charge of engine protector,
changed both fuel filters,
and we would have done the wiper blades as well –
but I bought sixes instead of eights…

We checked the brake pads
and they were fine –
a little fluid tightened them right up!

dondo esta la Hondina?

Little Pony is *purring* (or whatever ponies do)

Yesterday I topped her up,
added a little valve protector,

and Little Pony is *purring* (or whatever ponies do)

Bless you Brother T!

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