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What a day, Parishioners –
I went to Melbourne!

An interview for a position in a New Parish!

Up at 08:00
leave The Rectory 09:15
train departs PonyTown 09:31 (on time!!!)
train arrives 10:08, change lines
train arrives airport 10:20 – have ONE HOUR wait
Virgin departs Kinsford Smith 11:15 (not even a free coffee!)
plane arrives Tullamarine 12:45
taxi to Bishoprick in St Kilda (home!) 30 min & $60
interview with Bishop & friends 1h
taxi to New Parish 30 min & $60
interview with current Priest & Friends of the Church,
tour of Church & surrounds 2h
taxi to Tullamarine – now here’s a story:

seventy of her sisters await you in Heaven

As you know, Parishioners,
a little rain slows traffic to a crawl,
a subsequent accident brings it to a halt.

Traffic was crawling,
then there was an accident somewhere, but not on my route.
However, Just In Case,
one lane of the now despised Westgate Tunnnel
was closed for use by emergency personnel, if required.


I reckon I spent AT LEAST 45 min in The Tunnel of Hell!
choking on exhaust fumes, eyes watering, praying in the back seat…
and there was this Big Brother (the Original, ‘Tish) voice
which came over the loudspeakers
AND broke into the radio
& told everyone that one lane was closed…

The trip took 90 min and cost &120!

Fortunately (presciently?), not knowing when the Festivities would end,
I had booked a flight leaving rather late in the day.
Thus I had little time to wait around the airport…

you mocking my belly-button, punk?

Virgin leaves Tullamarine 19:45
plane arrives Kingsford Smith 21:05
train departs airport 21:40
train arrives 21:50, change lines
train departs 22:13
train arrives PonyTown 23:05
Home At Last! – 23:15

All in all, a 14h day,
time to relax…

Stayed up late to watch Anthony LaPaglia (who can’t drop his adopted Yank accent now),
the wonderfully understated David Wenham

and cross-eyed frogmouth Sibylla Budd in The Bank.
Then The Best Sleep I’ve Had In WEEKS!!!

‘Tis a Beautiful Day, Parishioners!

there are SO MANY of you!

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