My Go Bag


What a day, Parishioners –
I went to Melbourne!

An interview for a position in a New Parish!

All in all, a 14h day.

You may recall, Parishioneristas,
that I went down
to Melbourne Town.

It turns out that things turned out pretty well!

I am moving down
to Melbourne Town!

I must tell, however,
of My Go Bag.

I panicked for *DAYS* over this trip –
perhaps the most important interview o’ my life –

I spent at least seven days
preparing for this.

I knew EVERYTHING about the company
I knew EVERYTHING about the Directors and the Interviewers.

I prepared well.

I wore My Magic Suit.
ceci n\'est ce pas un bag
My Go Bag contained:

Minties (5)
Fisherman’s Friend Lozenges (some)
Band-Aids (4)
Sexy Harry Potter specs
(I wore my sexy sepia sunglasses)
[ & took out my Pirate earring]
red hankerchieif
eye drops (very useful!)
black pens (2)
red pen
blue pen
new black folder (+ documents)
codeine (4)
analgesic/calmative (1 bottle)
[nail file removed due to Nazi airline policies]
lip balm
ear plugs (2 only)
chewing gum (2 tablets)
cortisone cream
apples (2)
muffins (2- almonds & stuff – thank you Br T)

that’s about it.


Le Rev Dr

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