The World’s Greatest Album Covers

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Seargent Pecker!

“Unfinished Music No. 1: Two Virgins” John and Yoko Apple Records 1968

With all due respect, this is a true cultural touchstone. Imagine, 40 years ago, the leader of the most famous musical group in the world and one of the leading social, political and creative voices of his generation releasing an album with a cover of himself and his new girlfriend posing for a full-frontal nude . The Beatles had the freedom to do whatever they wanted and the whole world was watching. (This was just the second record released on their own Apple label after George Harrison’s solo Wonderwall soundtrack.) With this radical “artistic” statement, (looped bits and pieces of music and conversation recorded one night prior to John and Yoko “consummating” their relationship), the Beatles of old were clearly no more. Perhaps it took this kind of “up yours” statement to tear himself from the group and his public image and begin his journey as a solo artist. The response to it, and Yoko, from the press and the fans was vitriolic and unkind.

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