Best New Time Wastan Thang


Parishioners, is: Bobblebrook’s Coign of Vantage

requires 3-D perception

and a steady mouse-hand…

ceci n'est pas une pomme

There is a review at Casual Gameplay (I kinda likes that!)

Your 2-D mouse gestures move the pixels in 3-D space, you see. They wheel around a mysterious point of reference like obedient electrons. You’ll start the game clumsy, trying to guess at the right co-ordinates; but soon you’ll forget that the mouse cursor exists at all, and just instinctively shuffle the storm en masse like the hand of Genesis shaping life out of molecules. Except that you’re just making a cute picture of a butterfly. Or an elephant. Or a sliced lemon.

I, however, have invented a MetaGame™ –
use your mouse to keep the image on the front page static


Le Rev Dr

Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema's perving gurls

PS: while trawling Web Zen, I found a game I saw *many* years ago and recently spent *manymany* hours trying to find it. It is called flOw and it forms part of the MFA thesis of Jenova Chen.

Thank you BoingBoing, thank you Xeni, thank you Web Zen

PPS: Could someone ***PLEASE*** tell me how to insert line breaks into WordPress? ! ***PRETTY PLEASE!!!***

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