La Lucha (The Struggle) – Reprise

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THUS – reprise!

Has anyone else noticed this?

Land of Long Pig

Land of Long Pig

Cannibals. The snow and star mountains. The morning star. A glacier. Great peaks cresting against the blue sky. Murky rivers probing thick rainforest. Mist rising above the canopy challenged by the early morning sun. Pristine beaches. Many languages and cultures. Papua… a land of great beauty and enigma. Know her and you will never be the same…
A publication by the Pacific Concerns Research Centre describes the flag as the white morning star symbolises the light and the hope for a new day and a new era. The star is embedded in a red field symbolising the blood shed by the Papuan people in their struggle for self-determination and the stripes are blue and white and stand for the ocean and the land.

The Whirl's Newest Nation

*NOT* Indonesia

“The year was 1849. It was a steamy hot day in New York City and General Narciso López, of Venezuelan origin, had joined the fight for Cuba’s independence. Exhausted from planning all that was entailed in bringing Revolution to Cuba, he sat a local park, and quickly fell asleep. He was concerned about the pending arrival in Cuba. He felt a flag was necessary to add patriotic fervor to the endeavor. When he awoke in the park, the colors of the splendorous sky allowed him to envision the would-be flag. Full of emotion, he went to his friend, a poet and soon-to-be patriot, Miguel Teurbe Tolon, who incorporated Narciso’s ideas and designed the flag which was later sewn by Emilia Teurbe Tolon.

Chez Fidel

Chez Fidel

And so it was: Three light blue stripes, later changed to ocean blue, representing Cuba’s three sections at the time, Western, Central and Eastern. The two white stripes representing the purity and justice of the patriotic liberators’ motives. While the lone white star within the equilateral red traingle represents the unity of our people upon the blood spilled by our revolutionary heroes.”

salute; smoke 'em iffn you gotsem

salute; smoke em iff you gotsem

Then this:

Benny Wenda - Revolutionary and Hero

Benny Wenda - Revolutionary and Hero

and this:

Fidel Castro - Revolutionary and Hero

Fidel Castro - Revolutionary and Hero

[Fucking WORDPRESS – doesnt fucking work! hafta do every fucking thing by hand!]

Do you, Parishioners, prefer captions or mouseovers? Please let me know.


Le Rev Dr

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