No More Sites; EVAH!

Relax, Parishioners;

smokem iffn yo gotsem.

I clung to the cheaper Chinese version of these and still made it back to shore

there shall be no other sites EVAH:

WikiScanner: List anonymous wikipedia edits from interesting organizations

Now with mashable JSON! by Virgil Griffith    virgil at caltech dot edu[ media ppl are required read this before asking questions ]

<!–“Wikipedia is like SecondLife for corporations…WikiScanner threatens a concept that’s even more American than democracy.” -Stephen Colbert

–> <!–For those who keep asking for ‘specify by title’ to be turned back on: I’m working on it, you’ll get it soon. Stop mailing me for it. Thanks. -Virgil

–>Hello Wired, boingboing, (and the list goes on…) watchers!

WikiScanner is available for English, Nederlands, 中文, Polski, Italiano, Deutsch, Français, and 日本語 Wikipedia.

Specify by the Organization’s…
Name: <— Type organization name here
or / and
Location: <— Don’t abbreviate here
Specify by Wikipedia page
Page Title <— Type a wikipedia article title here

User-submitted Organizations
Select IP range by owner University of Alabama University of Waterloo in Rome University of Waterloo West Virginia University WINEP Think Tank Imperial College London MVV Energie AG DaimlerChrysler denic DaimlerChrysler…

many, many more here…

…Yahoo Inc. Yahoo Inc. CIA cia CIA Mike Jackson MIke JACKSON carnival riordan high school Nintendo MIKE JACKSON Mike JACKSON BND BND2 BND2 Qwest Communications Qwest Communications Macalester College

Know the IP range(s) of an interesting
organization that we don’t?
Specify it!
Specify by IP Range
Range 1
Range 2 optional
Range 3 optional
Range 4 optional

Searching 34,417,493 wikipedia edits from February 7th, 2002 to August 4th, 2007 orginating from 187,529 different organizations. Special thanks to Dan Kaminsky, Joshua Schachter, Aza Raskin from Humanized, and the Santa Fe Institute.[ derive mother’s maiden names ] [ FAQ ]

The Case

is a bit better than My Go Bag

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