The Great Eskimo Vocabulary Hoax


The Legendary Wikipedia Contrail, Parishioners,
tracks me here.

I now present The Great Eskimo Vocabulary Hoax!
You know all that stuff about Eskimos having 200 words for snow?
Urban Legend…

Reminded of Eskimaux, I must now mention The Savage Innocents

savage, sensational drama

Also Known As:
Dents du Diable, Les (France) (that’s French, ‘Tish)
Ombre Bianche (Italy)
Top of the World (USA) (working title)

let me tell you this...

I am dead sure I have lauded Zorba Quinn in this site –

but cannot for the life of me find him!
(Blessings for anyone who can track him down…)

You were sleeping, English...


The Great Peter O’Toole
played a Mountie (pun intended)
got dubbed over
asked to be removed from the credits
then made friends with Our Favourite Chihuahuan
who played Auda Abu Tayi in Lawrence of Arabia!

Diminutive, graceful, porcelain pretty Japanese actress Yoko Tani was born and raised in France and was making a living as a Parisienne dancer when opportunities for film came her way in the mid-1950s.

Parisienne, 'Tish...

‘Tis indeed A Small Whirl, Parishioners…

The Full Catastrophe


Le Rev Dr

Inuk and Asiak

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  1. Dear Sir,
    (I posted a comment on the wrong page earlier… sorry)

    I am making an inquiry on behalf of the Japanses TV network, TV Tokyo, who would like to have your assistance.

    TV Tokyo would like to use the photo of Yoko TANI, on your website,
    for the programme to be diffused on April 9 (urgent!), in introducing the BD figurine, Yoko TSUNO. Mr. Rogier Leloup, author/desinateur of Yoko TSUNO (BD), told them that he got an inspiration from Yoko TANI, in 1950s in creating the figurine Yoko TSUNO.

    Can you authorise them to use this photo on the programme in introducing Yoko TANI, a model for Yoko TSUNO (figurine of BD)?
    If yes, what credit should they use?

    Please respond ASAP, since the diffusion is this Friday, Arpril 9 in Japan.

    Michiko KURITA
    coordinatrice for TV Tokyo

  2. Michiko samma,

    I found the photo by searching the net –

    I presume it is freely available.


    Le Rev Dr

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