micro story 2


two hugge monsters juust walkkwed into my house

they wreerereeeee *HUGE* and green with horns EVERWHERE!

they said that tony sent therm

and they had to kill me

wild things

fine; bur I don’t know tont…….

so I havese two ENORMOUS monsters in my quiet place


isat them down and tried to reasn

worked HEAPS bettet than expexxtper.

left monmster (Ithey never ga ve thiir na,mkmmmes)

saied that mum hit huim too much when he was a child

right noster (the nicer one)

told me that his sister was mean to him and now he hates gurlss

and puts sand in theierer samwichssss

he loves to see them cry

EAT IT AND *DIE*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One the (other hand)

I have saved *many* little bunnies

and sent them home foe dinneer

I love bunnuis

can we have buuuuuuuuunnnissssss

of course,

yes, because, I LOVE YOU!


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