Every Day Carry


Parishioners know that I am not a man of violence by any means;

preferring to reason with people holding differing ideas & attitudes.

Nonetheless, I do like to Be Prepared whenever I sally forth from The Reverendry.

This fellow has a particularly enlightening approach to preparedness –

his EDC and accoutrements (yes, ‘Tish, that’s French!)  are a little more versatile than my Go Bag,

but nowhere near as sexy!

My approach toward preparedness involves a series of increasingly comprehensive stand-alone modules, starting with my standard EDC at the top of the pyramid, then my supplemental EDC, a Go Bag, various vehicle kits, a GHB, my BoB (that I continually add/subtract individual modules to adapt to a particular situation), an INCH bag, and finally a safe room in my home where most everything is kept (along with several items that are simply too large/heavy/impractical to ever become mobile).

My standard EDC (at least as I choose to define it here) are items that I consistently have in my pockets anytime that I venture outside my neighborhood. [my italics] It does not include food, water, shelter, or the numerous other items that I carry in my laptop shoulder bag (when I actually use one), my Go Bag (which is always within close reach of me whether at home, in the car, or at the office) or the specialty items that I routinely carry when I venture into the wilderness.

AND he has a BMW!

I generally wear TNF Paramount convertible pants, so the Gerber is located in the RH vertical slit pocket, the keychain and mini Bic lighter are in the right front pocket, the MSK in the right front zippered pocket, and a second mini Bic lighter with an o-ring around the top to prevent accidental discharge of butane (not shown) and the OTC medications are carried in the left front pocket. I carry two lighters for the simple reason that I smoke, so the first is the one that I use daily, while the second one remains unused (insuring that I always have a full lighter if needed).

Although not truly EDC by my definition, I generally carry a Glock G27 .40 S&W with two spare magazines anytime that I leave the house, although more often than not it stays in the car while I am at the office, traveling by air to an event, or if I’m meeting with customers/clients.

remember, no liquids allowed...

Bless his little heed!

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