Recurring Dream


Been having this recurring dream, Parishioners…

Here’s last night’s vershun:

We’re at a venue,
ready to rock,
got a setlist & all;
due to go on

but we haven’t practiced…

Me & Brother R - live at Max's Kansas City

I have stalled the crowd a little with Poesy
but it’s time for us to go on.

I’m arguing with Brother R –
“We’ll just wing it” I offer hopefully
“We can’t do this – we just fucking can’t!” he objects
but we have no choice.

I climb on stage, grab the mikestand
from over in front of Brother R’s rig,
set up my mike
& I’m ready to go.

Alone on stage

I start punchan out Sister Ray/Foggy Notion
like I know what I’m doan.

Sooner or later
Brother R heaves an exasperated sigh –
we gwan be bottled off stage tonite –
& lumbers onto the stage
& starts thunderan out bass.

From somewhere near Heaven
the keyboards cut in

and we are ON!

Friends of Sister Ray

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  1. but are you naked?

    c’mon… ever?

    If so, sirrah, you have dreamt *performance art*

    and that is no bad thing

  2. Alas, Brother,
    I was not As God Intended
    but I have never failed to Perform…

    AND my black guitar wouldn’t’ve hidden my bits…

    Apologies, dream ladies.

    *** If anyone else dreamt the gig
    could you please let me know how it went?


    Le Rev Dr

    PS: my other recurring dream is about maths…

    • an’ over the years people have been taking all manner of illicit (and some might say downright nasty) substances and trying to recreate the dream state in the real world.

      yet, sir, trying to recreate the real world in our dreams is what most preoccupies and scares us.

      As i recall it, the sequence still went A-E-D.

      and you were naked.

  3. Brother, while/during writing/posting that piece
    I listened to the White Light/White Heat vershun (17:31*)
    as well as the three [also includes Foggy Notion – 4:44] on The Robert Quine Tapes (24:03, 38:00 and 28:42 {Sister Ray/Foggy Notion mashup – but I *swear* i thunkit independently some years ago – praps when I heard Echo doan the latter on Fifteen Minutes…})

    Anyhow, I picked up Brother B’s guitar
    and found G F C; which seemed to suffice.

    (Furthur Research: After the opening sequence, which is a modally flavored I-bVII-IV G-F-C chord progression, much of the song is led by Cale and Reed exchanging percussive chords and noise for over ten minutes)

    * * *

    What you have, Sir,
    with your A E D,
    is the possibility of Brimful of Asha
    or the 1974 Juno Award-winning
    You Ain’t seen Nothin’ Yet



    Le Rev Dr

    PS: read this

    * times according to Winamp 5.5.52; YMMV

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