I Want the Angel


I confess, Parishioners…

I have, of late,

been listening to Warren Zevon.

Warren Zevon as Tom Wolfe

Vale Jim Carroll

Jim Carroll lookan goo!

I have recently re-evaluted DiCapprio

Here is the joke

also, The Game…

Yes, I saw Basketball Diaries

Jim Carroll in Koln

Yes, I, too, would start a band

if Patti Smith told

A whore in love

with her own reflection

Ron has this album

so does Iggy

so does Lou

fuck – those goatwankers covered it!

– the rocksteady?

oh, yea, Keef stole Shattered from here!

Jim Carroll - Dry Dreams

Jim brags

he has Extreme Unction


I can deliver that

they wait in shadows

steal the light from your eyes

The Angel cant see me...

I’z takan the rest o’ the day

to listen to Catholic Boy

again & again

to revisit the late ‘70’s

& won’t stop

‘til I get to Blondie’s first album – definitive death o’ Punk

light relief, tho,

is Superstylin’!

(& Tame Impala’s first ep)

Tens of thousands of other people have also died.

Angel Island

Also Patrick Swayze

(no joke here)

[The Game]


Le Rev Dr

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  1. This is a thing.

    Every now and then, when ennui stares me down, i take to staring right back. At these times i like to delve into the TROUGH: Rock’n’Roll, 1974-75. I go for the Cleveland stuff, maybe the Dolls, Television, that sort of thing. Were these gents about that early? Should i tip them too into the TROUGH? Because, i ftruth be known, i think the reason i have hithertoo ignored both is that they are associated w the TROUGH, even though this highlights the irrationality of my argument.

  2. For some Reason, I remember well 1974…

    Explosive Hits ’74 was on High Rotation in our classroom.

    Alas, ’74 was A Year of Dross:

    Carl Carlton “Everlasting Love”

    John Denver “Annie’s Song”

    New Seekers “You Won’t Find Another Fool Like Me”

    Paper Lace “Billy Don’t Be A Hero”

    Terry Jacks “Seasons In The Sun”

    Ray Stevens “The Streak”

    New England Conservatory Ragtime Ensemble “The Entertainer”

    Ross Ryan “I Am Pegasus”

    Charles Aznavour “She”

    Lynyrd Skynyrd, “Sweet Home Alabama”
    A subtly funky and elegant Southern-rock hymn that boasted an arrangement which made boogie sound like its own weird chamber music.

    Ntheless, ’74 did throw up some gems:

    Steely Dan, “Rikki Don’t Lose That Number”
    The Dan’s mixture of jazz-inflected pop sophistication and seedy, caustically ironic lyricism had finally come into its own by ’74, resulting in a song as quietly intriguing (or shocking) as “Brokeback Mountain.” “You don’t even know your mind,” sneers the main character in trying to convince a friend to walk on the wild side. (The spelling “Rikki” was a clever way of making the object of affection seem female.)

    Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia

    The Conversation

    The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

    Young Frankenstein/Blazing Saddles

    Average White Band “AWB”

    Paul McCartney and Wings “Band On The Run”

    Abba “Waterloo”

    Stevie Wright “Evie (Part One)”

    Carl Douglas “Kung Fu Fighting”

    Barry White “You’re The First, The Last, My Everything”

    among other thangs…


    Le Rev Dr

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