Want Not for Cake


A Man o These Times, Parishioners,
wants not for cake.

nor Powderfinger’s new album,
nor non-animal rennet.


and Trombionés!

fresh linen on our bed

Fresh linen

fresh fleurs (‘Tish)
fresh fruits

a walk in the pines

gwan Carolina in the pines

the version performed by Lead Belly [sic] and covered by Nirvana does not differ substantially from other variants of the song

Br Tallis also runs a fine vershun.

This is a true story. Steve started playing music in 1962. Music is his calling.

Mister Stephen Tallis receiving his Duke of Edinburghs Gold Award from the Earl of Selkirk

the apricot/plum fleurs
which herald Spring, ‘Tish

plums & apricots & joi

the companionship of a Good Dawg

The styling was more squared-off, versus the curved appearance of the original

small beer
after a hard day’s workan

Mister Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson - in jail - again

Miss Nina Simone

none o yr shit - boy

(she pauses, shouts, repeats, whispers and moans)

Nina & her guys

Oh, and Honourable Mentions to Fuck You, Penguin!

like a Disney character that ends up torturing Bambi’s mother while Bambi watches!

apricot & plum - oh, OK, joi! Jesu I miss Japan!

I believed in the band – I wanted the band to live


huff & puff & all that stuff

they fell apart around me

I drove, I cleaned, I scored, I refereed, I did EVERYTHANG!

and Bambi watched…

In 1986, the Triffids were on the bill of the Australian Made tour. Australia Made was the largest touring festival of Australian music talent that had ever been attempted to that point. Jimmy Barnes and INXS headlined and the rest of the line-up featured Mental as Anything, Divynils, Models, The Saints, I’m Talking [how did they get in there?] and The Triffids.

Anabasii, couriers of antiquity!

Anabasi. Couriers, apparently, o t Antiquities. (wouldn't trust em)

Can a Rev marry himself to the love of his life?  Question asked no definite answer given.

loulou - Ray Liotta can NEVER have you

yes, Hexie


nudiebell - says it all

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