It has been Some Time

Since I’ve felt like this!


Briskeby rock Autumn


Trawlan thru Wikipedia Contrails™ of Alex, Big Star, The Posies, Ken Stringfellow etc,

I stumble across


Briskeby rock monochrome


I have not, Parishioners, been so STRUCK with music
Since I discovered The Fauves some months ago!

They remind me of Dadafon – another Norvergian band

Dadafon performs songs in Norvergian and English. Dadafon and Kristin Asbjønsen, perform most of the songs of Factotum sound track, like slow day.

and Hal from Apollo 69!

Ocean Drive reminds me of Malibu

And, of course,

I shed tears of joi

BRILLIANT power pop, Parishioners!

I love ya this time around…

Briskeby rock weather

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  1. I likes a band who knows who to put *up front.*

  2. Sirrah,

    apparently Kristin oscillates between seductive whispers and volcanic eruptions of primal wailing

    oh; and she sings in a band…


    Le Rev Dr

    go here:

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