1. A chair is a raised surface used to sit on, commonly for use by one person
A chair for more than one person is a couch, sofa, settee, loveseat or a bench

2. A chair often has the seat raised above floor level, supported by four legs
However, a chair may have three legs

3. A chair without a back or arm rests is a stool, or when raised, a bar stool

4. A chair with arms is an armchair
With folding action and inclining footrest, a recliner

5. A chair permanently fixed in a train or theater is a seat
When riding, a saddle
In an automobile, a car seat
With wheels, a wheelchair
When hung from above, a swing*

my favourite - The Wassily Chair

The chair is of extreme antiquity and simplicity. However, it was not until the 16th century that it became common anywhere. The number of chairs which have survived from an earlier date is exceedingly limited. Our knowledge of the chairs of remote antiquity is derived almost entirely from monuments, sculpture and paintings. A few actual examples exist in the British Museum, in the Egyptian Museum at Cairo, and elsewhere.

to jest Casbah?
Chair (Latin cathedra, Greek kathedra, “seat”, Polish katedra) is an equivalent of an academic department in Poland, a division of a university or school faculty devoted to a particular academic discipline. Originally, a cathedra is the chair or throne of a bishop, a symbol of the bishop’s teaching authority in the Roman Catholic Church.
Organisation in Poland comprises the following units:

  • University (Uniwersytet)
  • Faculty (Wydział)
  • Institute (Instytut)
  • Chair (Katedra)
  • Centre (Zakład)
  • Research Group (Pracownia)

Usually degree programmes are conducted within the framework of institutes. However, some specialised programmes may be conducted by independent chairs, while programmes with large variety of disciplines involved (especially medical and legal studies) may be conducted directly by a faculty – in this case, faculty may be composed of chairs with no institutes in its structure. Interdepartmental individual programmes exist at some universities, where a programme of studies is agreed individually with student’s supervisor and courses from various faculties, institutes and chairs are available.

electric chair
Martin Luther King Jr. was born in Atlanta on Sunset Adams Street in 1929. He changed his name from Michael L. King. As a kid, he liked to fly kites, ride his bike and play baseball and football. He was also a paper boy. He read books about black people who were heroes, like George Washington Carver. He did not like that black people had to sit in the uncomfortable chairs and the white people had all the comfortable chairs.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Lincoln rocking chair – a relic that is representative of American history and brotherhood. We are offering the chair Dr. King enjoyed extensively, particularly while writing his seminal 1967 book, Where Do We Go From Here: Chaos or Community?

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s Lincoln rocking chair

The 1859 chair Konsumstuhl Nr. 14 – still called the “chair of chairs” – won the gold medal for T Dog & The Bendin’s Crew at the 1867 Paris World’s Fair.

Thonet family

More chairs are here

* See List of Chairs for an extended list of chair types, such as the bean bag chair, lift chair, papasan chair, sofa, swivel chair and throne

the X-ray chair

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