26 & 137 – Scientific PROOF of the Existence of God


I am, as you know, Parishioners,

of an Ecumenical disposition

and, if I may allow Seth a little Hubris,

rather well educated

but this is fucking hilarious!


Selected excerpts:

Kabbalah is a collection of secret ancient teachings. Kabbalah and the principles of Kabbalah were formulated and written down in ancient Hebrew 5,000 years before Christ

The Kabbalah Code is the scientific part of the writings of Kabbalah that reflect man’s understanding and speculation of the nature of the Universe through numbers 5,000 years before Christ that are in complete agreement with today’s modern scientific theories in physics, quantum mechanics, and string theory. It is amazing but the ideas embodied in the latest theories in physics can be found in the writings of Kabbalah 5,000 years before Christ

Kabbalah Tree of Life

Scientific PROOF of the Existence of God
by Bill SerGio, The Infomercial King™

Myself and other scientific researchers, physicists, and mathematicians believe that recent breaktthroughs in theoretical physics PROVE the existence of GOD.  I will present the proof here and it is amazing. We start by defining “God” and the properties that God must posses and then demonstrating that something exists in the Universe with those properties.

Definition of God: God is an entity that must have the following properties:

  • Omniscient. God must be All Knowing and have instantaneous knowledge of all things
  • Omnipresent. God must be present everywhere. Here on earth and in a galaxy a million light years away
  • Omnipotent. God must have unlimited power which we can define as the spontaneous ability to create unlimited amounts of energy or matter in any form
  • Self-Aware. God must be “self-aware”

In quantum mechanics it has already been proven that the Universe has ALL of these properties, and therefore, the Universe satisfies this definition of God and is, therefore, God. everything, ourselves included, is connect to and a part of everything else as eastern religion has stated for centuries. We are God and God is us and we are connected to all that exists

several recent proofs in theoretical physics have shown that the Universe must be “self-aware.”

The Ancient Kabbalah

Why Prayer Really Works Over 600 good scientific studies have demonstrated that prayer can heal sick persons. Indouble-blind, clincal cross-over study after study it has beendemonstrated that a group of people praying for a total stranger can affect the health outcome of that sick person thousands of miles away. Now that we know that all things in the Universe are connected through serveral dimensions of ZEO length it is easy to understand how prayer or thought can be instantly trasmitted to a person thousnads of miles away or millions of light-years away.

Kabbalah & String Theory Kabbalah is in complete agreement with science. A rabbi wrote down 5,000 before Christ a mathematical calculation to determine the age of the Universe—he calcualted that it was 13.5 BILLION years old. Unitil just a few years ago scientists believed the Universe was only 3 to 5 billion years old and recently a group of scientists shared the Nobel Prize for showing that the Universe was 13.5 Billion years old

click for full size image

It was written in the works of Kabbalah, 5,000 years before Christ, that the numbers, 26 and 137, which are said to be the fundamental numbers of the universe

Kabbalah teaches God is 26

(The Pixies, however, claim God is 7…)

Richard Feynman, recognized as our foremost authority on the subject of creation, a brilliant physicist, and Nobel Laureate, is quoted as saying that physicists ought to remind themselves of how much they dont know by putting a sign on the walls of their offices with the number, 137

Werner Heisenberg, another giant in the world of physics said that all the problems of quantum theory would disappear only when 137 was explained

Neils Bohr discovered that when electrons absorbed energy they jumped to higher orbits and that these jumps occur  at very specific distances from the nucleus. On his death bed he confessed that he derived these numbers from the number 26 in Kabb

The Kabbalists had an understanding of the structure of the hydrogen atom 5,000 years before Christ and they wrote down the EXACT sequence of numbers above representing the energy levels of the hydrogen atom

the Bohr Hydrogen atom

Bless The Infomercial King™

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  1. Can you provide specific references to the material mentioned? Specifically the “5000 years before Christ,” the reference to the age of the universe and the 26 137 references. Thank you.

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