Kristy Hinze


I must admit, Parishioners,

that I had never heard of Sister Kristy

but she graces the cover of the cover of the launch issue of SHAPE magazine

I am fascinated!

don't let your feelings make you fat

In preparation for a major fashion shoot

the room is abuzz!

Somehow, Kristy maintains a presence.

Ani DiFranco (who has obviously been to Bali & succumbed) sez

everyone harbours a secret hatred
for the prettiest girl in the room

but Kristy’s completely down-to-earth personality and calm aura

allow no room for ill feeling.

Kristy cheesecake

The woven leather “Kristy” handbag sold out nationwide in just days

Kristy has “always found that there was a bit of a hole in the market for good-looking golf wear”

She is married to James H. Clark who is, among other thangs, founder of Silicon Graphics and Netscape and co-producer of the movie The Cove (Kristy studies marine biology and is a vociferous advocate of all issues related to marine life and safety. Kristy takes exception to Japanese whaling and appeared to call for the whalers to be put to death, stating “I think we should do to the whalers what they’re doing to the whales“)

Clark is 36 years Hinze’s senior.

Kristy and Jim wedding

Kristy confesses to getting bored in the gym

Kristy takes each day and squeezes every last drop from it

Clark has been married four times and has two children. In 2000, his daughter Kathy married Chad Hurley, co-founder of YouTube. The divorce from his third wife, Nancy Rutter, is reported to have cost him $125 million in cash and assets in the settlement. Soon afterwards he began dating Australian model Kristy Hinze, who became his fourth wife when they married in the British Virgin Islands on March 22, 2009.

the funky Chris Hinze and his Bamboo Magic

Kristy finds that being married brings security

Kristy sticks to the basics; cleanses, tones and moisturises

Every morning, Kristy gets up, goes for a walk and has a cup of coffee

Kristy and her donkey

She is the granddaughter of that odious toad Russ Hinze

whose only Saving Grace is that in 1971, whilst still on the back bench, he was part of a plot within the Country Party parliamentary wing to topple the utterly corrupt and ultimately Evil Joh Bjelke-Petersen that failed only through the votes of Bjelke-Petersen himself and two proxies (we shall hunt you down and publicly shame and humiliate you – COWARDS!)

Nonetheless, in February 1988, Hinze resigned from State Parliament due to being mentioned in the Fitzgerald Inquiry conducted into the corruption scandal of the Bjelke-Petersen era of politics.

Russ Hinze

I saw him on television describing why he would rather be a bulldog than a mouse,

but he was shown as a bulldog with dark glasses and a white cane

outside a casino and brothel in the Valley that had a flashing neon light,

saying he did not know there were any there.

Mr Russell Hinze posing with Kris O'Neil, Jennifer Olsen, Brenda Spence and Patricia Hughes

The woven leather “Kristy” handbag sold out nationwide in just days

Kristy has “always found that there was a bit of a hole in the market for good-looking golf wear”

Kristy finds that being married brings security

Kristy and Jim having a wedding

Kristy is needed back on the set of the fashion shoot

where her face becomes a busy canvas for the makeup artist’s brushes

Kristy and her grass

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