Grant McLennan Stretches It


Grant McLennan Stretches It:

Grant Mclennan - stretchan like it's NOW!

The neighing of the horses in the moonlight woke him up
There was a line of ice across his cup
Except for the wind in the corn the world was perfectly still.
The moon hung over the window sill.

Ride on Black Mule

Just then four men on horses came riding up
and dragged him out into a clearing
They said “Listen here mister, if you don’t give us all your gold
we’re going to give you one hell of a beating”.

Ride on Black Mule

Just then nun on a black mule was riding by
She said “Oh, Gentlemen, what are you doing?
If you don’t leave that man right alone
I’m going to punish you for evil-doing”

Ride on Black Mule

He was walking down a Beirut street when a car-bomb blew him up.
Oh! Life can be cruel.
When they took him to the mortuary to identify his finger-prints
all they found were the hoof-prints of a mule.


Grant McLennan Stretches It.

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  1. Can you remove my portrait of Grant, for which neither permission nor payment has been sought or received, from this site. No photo credit either.

    • Brother Bleddyn, my apologies; i simply pulled the photo from a well-known search engine. I have admired your work for *years* Would you allow it to stand, with a credit and link to your work?


      Le Rev Dr

  2. So, you publish the request but won’t remove the photograph? What sort of tactic is that?

  3. No “tactic” – simply awaiting a reply.


    Le Rev Dr

  4. You “pulled it from a search engine”. You should remove it immediately.

  5. love Grant. nice to see someone remembering. The fight over the photo is stupid. Just credit the man. Maybe send him a few dollars.

  6. “Simply pulled the photo from a well known search engine”: is that your get-out-of-jail-free card? Once something’s in the grip of the well known search engine is anyone’s. Jesus! You don’t have my permission to publish it, as I advised politely nearly 5 months ago. Please take it down.
    As to “waiting for a reply”, why didn’t you send me an e-mail?

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