Hank Chinaski, Parishioners,

the perpetually unemployed, alcohol-swilling Chinaski

has always been our favourite Barfly

A good list of Barfly movie quotes is here

all I need is *fuel*

Nothing but the dripping sink. Empty bottle. Euphoria. Youth fenced in, stabbed and shaved. Taut words propped up to die…

Most recently, Parishioners, I watched Factotum

a film about Hank Chinaski

the fictional alter-ego of Factotum author Charles Bukowski

which gives both a before and an after

to the period glamourised in Barfly.

"If you're going to try, go all the way"

NYT review here – much information!

the gold-digging floozy Laura

…few images telegraph the paradox of the American dream better than a drunk passed out in the shadow of Hollywood

Highly recommended!


OH – correcshiaan (that’s Oasis, ‘Tish) Major Omission – Marisa Tomei  – My Cousin Vinnie is one o teh bestest movies evah!

OH – and Clare Forlani!

OH – of course – Rosanna!

fuck you toto - the chorus pedal dissolved in 1917

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