Concerning Le Rev Dr

Chillan in The Castle

Le Révérend Docteur

  • dances beneath the diamond sky with one hand waving free
  • already rues the day he was born
  • knows, pretty much, how it feels
  • once kissed (the living, pre-Princess) Lady Di
  • likes to imagine he can photosynthesise
  • holds the greatest admiration for Mr Robert Forster
  • takes it where he can get it
  • offtimes prefers the former to the latter
  • hears motion
  • hasn’t seen ya in an age…
  • doesn’t like to touch
  • has yet to consult the I Ching
  • loves to ride The Pony
  • likes to talk of Lorraine; always back to Lorraine…
  • values Life in all its manifestations
  • *LOVES* bloons! and wants to squeeze thems longtime!
  • has just discovered helicopter parents, type-A parents and overscheduled kids
  • dreams of Las Vegas, pinky rings and prostate cancer
  • has learned The Secret of The Lift!
  • agrees there ought to be a prison for dudes who think they can make some happiness in this life…
  • agrees that beer in the car, dude, is Total Sammy Hagar!
  • wants a pile of fresh pillows in every room
  • is as lost as plankton…
  • has Endurance!
  • continues La Lucha!
  • mustn’t forget the gonzo paranoia brought on by Hunter S. Thompson in the ’70s, when anything was everything
  • prefers the *larger* winged elephants; Intelligence, Patience, Learning and Courage
  • remains gracious even in the face of his ghosts
  • sure as Hell can walk down a mustang
  • admires the depth and reach of the commonplace
  • longs for a click of the sticks, a roll of the toms and a “Hello Bangkok!”
  • is a little unsure about Demosthenes…
  • does not dress “properly”, does not act “dignified”, rarely smiles – but is unfailingly polite
  • has never, to his knowledge, been struck by lightning
  • has impatient feet in heavy shoes
  • is rather impressed by The Sum of Human Knowledge and Culture
  • Sings, Goddess, the wrath of Peleus‘ son
  • stands in the unlit doorway,
    calling down the narrow
    and otherwise empty street…
  • is as patient
    as a chain reaction
  • lets Miss Trixie set ’em up
  • sleeps on the sand
    cuz it’s Heaven out there
  • has a bad feeling about this…
  • continues to occupy himself with journalism, out-of-the-way observation, reading, and erratic, romantic and rather morbid idiosyncrasies
  • born, matured, over-extended, reined-in, refined, patched, updated, over-extended again, propped-up and finally widely declared to be obsolete…
  • likes to think of himself as an amateur intellectual…
  • A lover of wine, a people person, creative, ambitious, a good communicator, open-minded, flexible, enjoys work, good with people, has lots of ideas, looking for the freedom to develop my visions and move My So-Called Life forward!
  • is the perfect foil to all the rubbish about “the conflict” between science and religion, science and art, and the primacy of science and engineering/technology!
  • Diminutive, graceful, porcelain pretty, Japanese

and may be contacted at

lerthe garbageevdrthe garbagegmthe garbageailthe garbagecothe garbagem

– omitting the garbage and inserting the correct symbols, of course…

Please include “Private Epistle” in the subject line.


Le Rev Dr

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