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one o’ my Dear Friends has succumbed
and created a blog –

I give unto you Perineum!

An excerpt:

Oh shit, the Dutch started it. That dickhead Vlamingh, mustering all the seagoing knowledge possessed in Europe at the time, managed to land off the Western Australian coast at 32º South imagining himself to be in Java. His men, sent to look for water on an offshore island came back and reported the place was dry and worse, it was populated by hundreds of bloody huge rats. Vlamingh retired to his cabin to drink schnaaps and doodle in the captain’s log, emerging four hours later with a wild look in his eye and declaring he had thought of a name for the island. “Rottsnest (sic),” he declared with slurred triumph. His men looked at him with the usual disrespect but thinking, almost to a man, what a genius was their captain.

signpost to The Sacred Spot

I look forward to many many moments of joi!

The Great Eskimo Vocabulary Hoax


The Legendary Wikipedia Contrail, Parishioners,
tracks me here.

I now present The Great Eskimo Vocabulary Hoax!
You know all that stuff about Eskimos having 200 words for snow?
Urban Legend…

Reminded of Eskimaux, I must now mention The Savage Innocents

savage, sensational drama

Also Known As:
Dents du Diable, Les (France) (that’s French, ‘Tish)
Ombre Bianche (Italy)
Top of the World (USA) (working title)

let me tell you this...

I am dead sure I have lauded Zorba Quinn in this site –

but cannot for the life of me find him!
(Blessings for anyone who can track him down…)

You were sleeping, English...


The Great Peter O’Toole
played a Mountie (pun intended)
got dubbed over
asked to be removed from the credits
then made friends with Our Favourite Chihuahuan
who played Auda Abu Tayi in Lawrence of Arabia!

Diminutive, graceful, porcelain pretty Japanese actress Yoko Tani was born and raised in France and was making a living as a Parisienne dancer when opportunities for film came her way in the mid-1950s.

Parisienne, 'Tish...

‘Tis indeed A Small Whirl, Parishioners…

The Full Catastrophe


Le Rev Dr

Inuk and Asiak

Going Back to Kali


I give you, Parishioners, Mr Pasha Malla!

The man went back to India
and has given us his story.

I have, of course, been a fan of The Morning News for *ages*
and read his work before

but this is heart-felt, frighteningly honest stuff
and most worthy of Praise.

The thang was published in installments
and is called Going Back to Kali

the wide brown land for me…

and anyone who knows me
recognizes that there is something special in that alone…

What *really* gets me tho

is this:

(he’s talking about some Russian gangster he met in a club)

his voice
is soot
shaken about in a coffin


Isn’t that just ROCK?

handsome, athletic, talented; he can come to The Rectory anytime!

(I must confess that Hunney brought with her
the last CDs of Sex n the City
and I am rather captivated with Mikhail Baryshnikov
even tho he’s going out with horsey…)
(a little Russian, ‘Tish: Михаил Николаевич Барышников)

but I’m sure he’s a much nicer person…

solid rock - no escape…

Beginners Guide to Synney


Ran across this the other day, Parishioners,
and couldn’t let it pass:

You know you’re in Sydney when…

3. The weather is sticky and wet and rude. Like a woman’s armpit. After someone has ejaculated into it.

And in the comments:

Oh and thanks for #3, Fits. There ain’t nothing finer than a lady’s pit full of sack tacky, is there?

Ms Fits, of Reasons You Will Hate Me,

is Marieke Hardy; she looks like Mr Bean’s inexplicable daughter!

the photo on the JJJ site is a little better…

she is, however, responsible for the DON’T FUCK IT UP! campaign!

Christopher Robin DYB DYB DYB DOB DOB DOB

She is currently doing JJJ breakfasts

with Robbie & The Doctor.

The most important thang about her post, though,
is the comments; they constitute

A Beginners Guide to Synney


Big Things


Parishioners may appreciate my Gratitude
for those Small Things in Life
which keep one afloat.

Nonetheless, while trawling Teh Luvvery Interwebs,
no doubt related to the last post “Other People’s Ponies
I recently ran across a post entitled Where Vehicles are Left to Die

here are some examples of vehicle cemeteries around the world, areas on earth that have unwittingly become the home to rusting, unused machines – remember, this is just a selection of the many boneyards on earth and while they often look stunning and make for a great photo, the environmental costs far outweigh the view

This is amazing!

*planes* packed in like sardines, rather than people in them…

there’s also a little synchronicity there
as I’m currently reading DeLillo‘s Underworld
in which the narrator visits an old flame – Klara Sax! –
who is creating an “installation”by painting surplus warplanes:

This time it is not aerosol cans and sardine tins and shampoo caps and mattresses. I painted a mattress and some sheets. It was the end of marriage number two and I painted my bed in effect. Anyway, yes, I am now dealing with B52 long-range bombers. I am painting airplanes that are a hundred and sixty feet long with wingspans even longer and total weight operating on full tanks maybe half a million pounds, I don’t know about empty – planes that used to carry nuclear bombs, ta-da, ta-da, out across the world

Oh, there is a *stack* of fine aerial photos here –

Anyway, there are some amazing pics –
and isn’t it really an amazing concept?
There are also some worthy links in the comments.

Now, on that site we also have 7 Amazing Holes

looking at photos like these scares and fascinates me in equal doses. the sheer scale of these holes reminds you of just how tiny you are.

Mirny diamond mine, Siberia
I’m pretty sure most people have seen this one. It’s an absolute beast and holds the title of largest open diamond mine in the world. at 525 metres deep with a top diameter of 1200 metres there’s even a no-fly zone above the hole due to a few helicopters being sucked in.

this hole eats helicopters

Apparently this fascinated Teh Netiz3nz who subsequently went ballistic (intended) in the comments. Selections may be found on this separate page:

7 Amazing Holes – The Helicopter Experts

Hearty Congratulations to anyone who wades thru this…

10 of the Best Natural Phenomena

obviously, rainbows aren’t the only brilliant natural phenomena on earth.
below are some optical phenomena, atmospheric phenomena, electrical phenomena and natural optical illusions and they’re all incredible for one reason or another.

friend of The Flying Spaghetti Monster

Impact craters on Earth

on earth there are close to 100 impact craters with a diameter of 0.1km or more, many of them either so eroded or large that they can only be recognised on satellite images. for the uninitiated, impact craters are formed by the hypervelocity impact of a meteoroid, asteroid or comet on the earth’s surface (or the surface of any large object in space)

This is Gosses Bluff, Northern Territory, Australia
age – 142.5 million yrs, diameter – 5 km

age - 142.5 million yrs, diameter - 5 km

Interesting Elevators

according to my rough calculations there are over 70 elevators in the world…

Fill your pants, Pilgrim!

Sky Tower, Auckland

Prisons of the World

The world’s most valuable prison may be San Quentin state prison, California

Leoben Justice Centre, Steiermark, Austria

This is the Leoben Justice Centre, Steiermark, Austria

“reminds me of ikea” says Deputy Dog

11 Phenomenal Images of Earth

below are 11 incredible photos taken from space which illustrate just a few of earth’s fascinating geographical features and nature’s frightening unpredictability.

rotate 90 degrees clockwise

The fractal coastline of Greenland and its numerous fjords – WOW!

Oh, that’s enough Parishioners;
go check it out yourselves!

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Don’t Fuck it Up!

I ran across this today, Parishioners:

originally from Reasons You Will Hate Me

Mum: So what are you going to say to Kevin when you meet him?

Me: Nothing.

Mum: You have to say something.

Me: No I don’t. I don’t think I even want to meet him.

Mum: How about you pass on a message from me?

Me: Oh my god.

Mum: I’m quite serious.

Me: I know you are.

Mum: Tell him…

Me: Mum, I’m not going to go up to Kevin Rudd and say: ‘Hey, my mum has a message for you‘. It’s retarded.

Here’s the meme, Parishioners,

spread it around!

Don’t Fuck it Up!

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Teh Mining Boom


I have, of late, Parishioners,

been Among The Heathen
in the Mighty Pilbara

The WA Gas Industry claims that the region takes its name from pilbarra, an Aboriginal word for the mullet [ha Ha HA!] and that the name was derived from the Pilbara Goldfield, discovered in 1885, which was itself named after Pilbara Creek (originally spelt “Pilbarra“) a tributary of the Yule River. Alternatively, Wangka Maya (Pilbara Aboriginal Language Centre) says in its publication Bilybara (p. ii) that it derives from the name for the Pilbara region in Nyamal and Banyjima, bilybara meaning ‘dry’.

A somber occasion…

This is not my country

I am Banjima Man

out there in the bush
I am emperor;
the bush is me

The Monte Bello Isles

The islands were economically significant for pearl fishing from the end of the nineteenth century until the outbreak of the Second World War. A bay of Trimoulle Island was the site of Operation Hurricane,

On 3 October 1952 a plutonium implosion bomb was detonated off the Montebello Islands
The first British nuclear weapons test in 1952. There were two further tests on Alpha and Trimouille Islands in 1956.

Following the ‘Mosaic’ tests in mid-1956, which involved the detonation of two weapons at the Monte Bello site, the British testing program in Australia was confined to the mainland. Four ‘Buffalo’ tests were conducted at Maralinga in September and October 1956, and three ‘Antler’ explosions were detonated there the following year.
For those who survived, there seems little doubt that for the Western Desert (Maralinga) people the alien settlement of Yalata and lack of access to their desert homelands contributed significantly to the social disintegration which characterises the community to this day. Petrol sniffing, juvenile crime, alcoholism and chronic friction between residents and the South Australian police have become facts of life

readhead thang

My sons are labourers
she confesses,
and they earn 120 000 dollars a year
and most of their time they’re sitting on their arse…

A block of land,
a weeks rent –
costs more than in Sydney

Karratha airport –
busiest airport in Western Australia –
carpark full of Company 4WDs

The bar closes 20 minutes before each flight
to ensure the workers catch the plane –
who would stay here?

The Boeing 737
is a fucking small
plane –

remember this?..

Can I get a lighter?
Sorry, we only sell matches

(the terrorists are here too)
That’ll be fifty cents…

One box of matches
120 000 dollars a year…

we call them ” ‘rangers”, Sir…

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