Hank Chinaski, Parishioners,

the perpetually unemployed, alcohol-swilling Chinaski

has always been our favourite Barfly

A good list of Barfly movie quotes is here

all I need is *fuel*

Nothing but the dripping sink. Empty bottle. Euphoria. Youth fenced in, stabbed and shaved. Taut words propped up to die…

Most recently, Parishioners, I watched Factotum

a film about Hank Chinaski

the fictional alter-ego of Factotum author Charles Bukowski

which gives both a before and an after

to the period glamourised in Barfly.

"If you're going to try, go all the way"

NYT review here – much information!

the gold-digging floozy Laura

…few images telegraph the paradox of the American dream better than a drunk passed out in the shadow of Hollywood

Highly recommended!


OH – correcshiaan (that’s Oasis, ‘Tish) Major Omission – Marisa Tomei  – My Cousin Vinnie is one o teh bestest movies evah!

OH – and Clare Forlani!

OH – of course – Rosanna!

fuck you toto - the chorus pedal dissolved in 1917

Grant McLennan Stretches It


Grant McLennan Stretches It:

Grant Mclennan - stretchan like it's NOW!

The neighing of the horses in the moonlight woke him up
There was a line of ice across his cup
Except for the wind in the corn the world was perfectly still.
The moon hung over the window sill.

Ride on Black Mule

Just then four men on horses came riding up
and dragged him out into a clearing
They said “Listen here mister, if you don’t give us all your gold
we’re going to give you one hell of a beating”.

Ride on Black Mule

Just then nun on a black mule was riding by
She said “Oh, Gentlemen, what are you doing?
If you don’t leave that man right alone
I’m going to punish you for evil-doing”

Ride on Black Mule

He was walking down a Beirut street when a car-bomb blew him up.
Oh! Life can be cruel.
When they took him to the mortuary to identify his finger-prints
all they found were the hoof-prints of a mule.


Grant McLennan Stretches It.

Models Inducted into ARIA Hall of Fame


GREAT NEWS Parishioners!

My Heroes (and namesakes), Models,

Models in black & white

Models’ early style was a spiky, distinctive blend of New Wave, glam rock, dub and pop: which included Kelly’s strangled singing voice, Duffield’s virtuoso synthesiser performances and the band’s cryptic, slightly gruesome, lyrics

have been inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame!

And you’ll be inducted by Wendy Matthews [who toured with Models for many years, and was Kelly’s partner of over a decade], which is very appropriate.
Yeah, I think it’s good. I can tell you were not going to make her sing backing vocals during the performance because we’re required to perform a couple of tunes – but clearly she shouldn’t be down the back.

So for the performances it’s just gonna be you and Barton staying there while the rest of the band changes around you depending on the song?
No, at this stage we plan to just all get up and play together, you know like the big expanded line up. Although at this stage James Freud’s role is kind of ill-defined because initially he didn’t really want to be involved in the whole ceremony but I believe he’s changed his mind now so we’re yet to kind of figure how that’s going to affect everything.

On 27 October 2010, Models were inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame by Wendy Matthews

 portrait Models

In early 1985, Models started recording material for their next album, Out of Mind, Out of Sight, produced by Launay, Lucas and Mark Opitz. A single from the album, “Barbados”, was released in March, which peaked at No. 2. It was a reggae influenced song co-written by Freud and Duffield (prior to his departure). The song related a tale of alcoholism and suicide, it later provided Freud with the titles of his two autobiographies, I Am the Voice Left from Drinking (2002) and I Am the Voice Left from Rehab (2007)

I recall reading in an old NME or RAM (remember that?)

that Sean Kelly & James Freud met scavenging through a dumpster

in the alley behind a  methadone clinic…

sexy James

Sydney Morning Herald – 4 Nov 2010

JAMES FREUD, bass player and singer with the successful 1980s band Models, died at the age of 51 at his home in the Melbourne suburb of Hawthorn yesterday

Model rocker Freud loses battle with demon in the bottle

James Freud's autograph

The Age – 4 Nov 2010

Australia’s music industry is reeling following the death of the Models frontman James Freud today

Models’ frontman tragedy: James Freud takes own life

James’s battle with alcoholism has been well chronicled.

His two books – I Am the Voice Left from Drinking (2002) and I Am the Voice Left from Rehab (2007)

on his recovery and five years’ sobriety were bestsellers

and gave a lot of people who were suffering the same affliction comfort and hope

James demonstrates drinking & rehab

Long Black Hair & a Red Red Dress


Me & Olleter! on stage

never done this piece before

I wuz thinkan – B3, broken (not ruined) piano; accordion even?

we agreed upon bandoneón

le bandoneon“Ladies and Gentlemen

I announce

I give you *The Genius*

that is – Olleter!

I whispered “start in D minor
(*The* Saddest Chord O Teh Universe)

& sneaked off to the bar
while he ran the intro:


Three shots o Cointreau
& a HUGE glass o water please

& returned to the stage:

This is a sad sad song – I need some help;
I need a volunteer…

I want a girl
with Long Black Hair
and a Red Red Dress;

– but I’ll settle for a little less…

long black hair and a red red dress

I want you to be my mic stand:
press your sexy arse up against me –

I will wrap my arms around you
& squeeze
when I need to

and promise

to try


never to touch your breasts…”

red dress bandoneon Susan Sarandon?

A beautiful young lady obliges

When she is correctly positioned,
with the mic over her shoulder
and her soft little arse pushing back into me

I distribute the Cointreau –
don’t drink it yet

I turn to Maestro Ollatero

and ask him to begin:

This is the story o Melanie

I breathe

over the shoulder

of my microphone girl

short brown hair and a Big Red Dress

I tell the story,

she closes her eyes

smiles sexy at the audience
and writhes

I keep my arm *tight* around her waist –
I can NOT let her go

but when she presses back into me
I relax my grip…

Drink the Cointreau…

she listens to the story –
and pushes back harder

Drink the Cointreau, baby

I give her mine

Melanie’s Story ends,
my mic stand is limp in my arms –
my arm around her waist again,
holding her up

I escort her back to her seat
kiss her on the cheek –
thank you, baby
I don’t need to whisper

Melanie's evening-gown.

and return to the stage:
The Genius that is Olleter!
finishes in a major key

but everyone is crying
even the bargirl….

I bow my head –
thank you,
thank you very much…

I extend my arms:

and my gracious assistant;


no-one can applaud –



we did it


Briskeby Redux

I don’t think,

lurv -it's LURV!


Jackie, not Aristo

that there has been ONE DAY

Briskeby erase Soviet propaganda

when I have not turned this up to ELEVEN

unusual suspects


Captain, My Captian!

all my dreams came true

most of Briskeby


Briskeby attempt to make GREEN accetable...

Le Rev Dr

Lindt & Sprüngli


I would pass him the phone and would wonder, silently,

to whom he might be speaking

and what the Devil they were discussing.

In the tavern I would approach them and join the conversation

with some witty, ironic remark about their flirting.

I would remain silent for a while

but could never mention it again

because I wouldn’t want him to know that it bothered me.

I would refuse to read bulletins mentioning him.

I would avoid conversations in which his name arose.

I began to be wary of men whom, in the slightest instance, resembled him.

This obsession had to stop – I would end up insulting or murdering him.



The conche was invented by my partner, Rodolphe Lindt, in 1879.

It is important, apparently, to use only the highest quality metals such as 316L Surgical Stainless Steel, 18ct Solid Gold or Titanium.

We did not have such materials.

And thus I met Rodolphe…


Chocolade is not the same thing as Love.

Sometimes, folk think that by giving Chocolade to someone, they are loving them.

Chocolade is not Love – it embodies the fear and anger of losing Love.

Chocolade disappears when one truly loves oneself – and others –

in whatever one experiences.

Irrational gifts of Chocolade usually stem from one’s insecurities and low self-esteem.

Do you dream in Chocolade ?

chocolade gurl

In 1899, the Lindt brand name, the manufacturing process, and the obligation to maintain supreme quality, became the company: Lindt & Sprüngli AG. The preoccupation with quality has been emphasized by the fact that there has been a master confectioner in each of In 1899, the Lindt brand name, the Lindt manufacturing process, and the Lindt obligation to maintain supreme Lindt quality became the company Lindt & Sprüngli AG.

Lindt’s preoccupation with quality has been emphasized by the fact that there has been a Lindt in each of the five generations of the Lindt company;

an expert whom, by professional Lindt training,

knows the Lindt product inside and out.

Lindt quality is the basis for – and the key to Lindt & Sprüngli’s success.

Confiserie Sprungli

Have you ever encountered someone who is fiercely independent,

adores anything out of the ordinary,

and yearn for their attention?

What do you desire from that relationship?

Commitment? Respect? Honesty? Affection? Companionship? Passion? Security? Stability? Loyalty?

I studied his tendencies, his quirks;

I attempted to fathom his deepest desires –

his unusual sexual practices,

his prodigious intake of narcotics,

his predilection for riding a motor-cycle in inclement weather…

and his Worst Fears – always be accepting and open-minded; for

Knowledge is Power!

Do you conspire in Chocolade ?

chocolade gurl 2

I drink it when I’m happy and when I’m sad. Sometimes, I drink it when I’m alone. When I have company I consider it obligatory. I trifle with it if I’m not hungry and drink it if I am; Otherwise I never touch it – unless I’m thirsty.

Mme Bollinger on Champagne

I harbour the same feelings for Chocolade.

Lindt never did.

I see that now – altogether too late!

Lindt & Sprüngli advise that due to personal reasons and changes to their lifestyle
the decision has been made to discontinue the Happy Campers™ line.

Rodolphe & Johann Rudolf in happier times




It has been Some Time

Since I’ve felt like this!


Briskeby rock Autumn


Trawlan thru Wikipedia Contrails™ of Alex, Big Star, The Posies, Ken Stringfellow etc,

I stumble across


Briskeby rock monochrome


I have not, Parishioners, been so STRUCK with music
Since I discovered The Fauves some months ago!

They remind me of Dadafon – another Norvergian band

Dadafon performs songs in Norvergian and English. Dadafon and Kristin Asbjønsen, perform most of the songs of Factotum sound track, like slow day.

and Hal from Apollo 69!

Ocean Drive reminds me of Malibu

And, of course,

I shed tears of joi

BRILLIANT power pop, Parishioners!

I love ya this time around…

Briskeby rock weather

Want Not for Cake


A Man o These Times, Parishioners,
wants not for cake.

nor Powderfinger’s new album,
nor non-animal rennet.


and Trombionés!

fresh linen on our bed

Fresh linen

fresh fleurs (‘Tish)
fresh fruits

a walk in the pines

gwan Carolina in the pines

the version performed by Lead Belly [sic] and covered by Nirvana does not differ substantially from other variants of the song

Br Tallis also runs a fine vershun.

This is a true story. Steve started playing music in 1962. Music is his calling.

Mister Stephen Tallis receiving his Duke of Edinburghs Gold Award from the Earl of Selkirk

the apricot/plum fleurs
which herald Spring, ‘Tish

plums & apricots & joi

the companionship of a Good Dawg

The styling was more squared-off, versus the curved appearance of the original

small beer
after a hard day’s workan

Mister Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson - in jail - again

Miss Nina Simone

none o yr shit - boy

(she pauses, shouts, repeats, whispers and moans)

Nina & her guys

Oh, and Honourable Mentions to Fuck You, Penguin!

like a Disney character that ends up torturing Bambi’s mother while Bambi watches!

apricot & plum - oh, OK, joi! Jesu I miss Japan!

I believed in the band – I wanted the band to live


huff & puff & all that stuff

they fell apart around me

I drove, I cleaned, I scored, I refereed, I did EVERYTHANG!

and Bambi watched…

In 1986, the Triffids were on the bill of the Australian Made tour. Australia Made was the largest touring festival of Australian music talent that had ever been attempted to that point. Jimmy Barnes and INXS headlined and the rest of the line-up featured Mental as Anything, Divynils, Models, The Saints, I’m Talking [how did they get in there?] and The Triffids.

Anabasii, couriers of antiquity!

Anabasi. Couriers, apparently, o t Antiquities. (wouldn't trust em)

Can a Rev marry himself to the love of his life?  Question asked no definite answer given.

loulou - Ray Liotta can NEVER have you

yes, Hexie


nudiebell - says it all

I Want the Angel


I confess, Parishioners…

I have, of late,

been listening to Warren Zevon.

Warren Zevon as Tom Wolfe

Vale Jim Carroll

Jim Carroll lookan goo!

I have recently re-evaluted DiCapprio

Here is the joke

also, The Game…

Yes, I saw Basketball Diaries

Jim Carroll in Koln

Yes, I, too, would start a band

if Patti Smith told

A whore in love

with her own reflection

Ron has this album

so does Iggy

so does Lou

fuck – those goatwankers covered it!

– the rocksteady?

oh, yea, Keef stole Shattered from here!

Jim Carroll - Dry Dreams

Jim brags

he has Extreme Unction


I can deliver that

they wait in shadows

steal the light from your eyes

The Angel cant see me...

I’z takan the rest o’ the day

to listen to Catholic Boy

again & again

to revisit the late ‘70’s

& won’t stop

‘til I get to Blondie’s first album – definitive death o’ Punk

light relief, tho,

is Superstylin’!

(& Tame Impala’s first ep)

Tens of thousands of other people have also died.

Angel Island

Also Patrick Swayze

(no joke here)

[The Game]


Le Rev Dr

Distrustful Sons of Former Slaves



I have two sheeps in the back yard –
the variety (and spread!) of their shits

I also have shares in a rat – Fudgepacker
and a bunny – Moppy

two cats – Franklin & Keanu

& a dog –Monty,


two boys
& my gurl.

I like The Gurl the most

OH, fuck me; I love her very VERY MUCH!

The Gurl - sick of this every evening...

The sheeps like apples.

[Oh, I just misread this – there is an option in MSWord for “Quickpants!“]
{wouldn’t Johnny Depp & Christina Ricci have The Most Freak Offspring???
fuck it – he was at his peak in Ferris anyway…}

I have put on The Fauves to protect me –
When The Tour Went Pro
and the one about the gun
and livan in a Brotherhood bin –
not in that order

I sang the one about the gun all day yesterday –
must really learn the words…

I have been up since about four o’clock –
is that right, baby?

agape, agape; that's Latin, Tish...

I had a whole standup routine based on that fucker – oh – and Hilly Clint –
(and lightbulbs – ’twas the 80’s…)
wrote it on the plane home
then the train –
thought I’d be famous…

but the more & more movies I see {I finally saw The Matrix the other night! – shit movie}
but the more & more movies I see – worserer acting – ‘cept that gurl – fuck me – can I say she reminds me of sone? you know who… [SPOILER ALERT!] she kissed him and saved The Whirl! Wish Seth could do that… the more & more movies I see…

I dunno… can I still mock him?
when hez gwan do it hisseff?

Did anyone see that boat movie?

answer is yauwzxm!

Since you & I
had each other to rely on

bin doan it on m’own…

MY Claire - Hands off!

now, he’s tellan me
that Wendy is in love with him

and she’s gone

fuck me [shouty mark] – is that correct?

waal; NO!

* * *

We stop & sit on the curb
Seth is feelan it – THESE ARE THE *HILLS,* CLOONEY!!!
{yuazm; we gotsem hills, Perineum! Cellphone coverage next month ; fucker!}

Keanu; son of Clooney

He starts chattan ’bout his film – he has to be an English…
“Can only lead to Heaven,” I tell.
“You never fuck me ’round, Rev,” he says
& I just grab him
& squeeze his funny-shaped ‘eed.
“You are fucking funny” I say
& pull him to my chest
“Seth” – running my fingers through his stoopid lanky limp hair –
“you are a dumb bastard”

“Where’s Karen?” he asks

“Karen is pissan ’round in Torino – nothan on the books –
just pissan ’round,” I tell; probly in too loud a voice

She went over on, ostensibly, a magazine shoot
BUT with half a sniff of a series of articles for Vogue –
How Torino Got In Me – lifestyle stuff…

I can’t tell him – he wouldn’t take it correctly…

He’ll find out in six months or so
when it won’t matter so much

Seth, you fucking idiot;
you are a fucking idiot.
I fucking love you –
you fucking idiot

He loves her, Ray –
you know how that works

there was a show, she didn’t get a shot
but she went to Torino anyway

WHY? Why always these fucking thangs...?

Hey, just listen to this: First Day On The Run
NO- listen to this! Celebrate The Failure!

and ain’t this fuck you, get fucked!?

I was goan for my blue belt/
on the day that she left me

– what kinda Genius wrote that?

OH! there is a song entitled “Get Fucked!


Must catch up with these guys!
[shall report back]

* * *

Ethel Geraldine Rockefeller Dodge

was the youngest child
and only daughter
(Robert was sorta off in his own Whirl – but in a totally self-assured way –
no-one worried about him – he had it together)
of Almira Geraldine Goodsell Rockefeller
and William Avery Rockefeller, Jr.

Don't you love my dress?

She was fun
we made sandcastles with no sand
we built a cubby
we made icecream
{they made Desperately Seeking Susan ’bout her, you know}

Ally helped –
Ally was great
and Bill treated me like a grownup –
taught me how to bang a nail
let me use his drill
left me alone to wash & wax the Safari

Teh Mighty Valiant Safari!

Trust is very important, Big Bill;

Trust is very important.

Trust is very very important.

It enables one

to go higher, faster, better, stronger, more –
a shade more purpleyer

it MAKES you go higher, faster, better, stronger, more![ and purpleyer!]


and take Pride
and fucking joi! in your work –

without these,

you got nuthan…

Find Dodge Dealers in Geraldine, Montana

is that a challenge?

I wanted to get the Hanna Montana t-shirt
{that’s not her real name, you know…}
but wasn’t allowed…
mean gurl!
(oh, but fuck it – I love her too much to be angry for long…)
[will they still have them when my bday comes ’round???]

hangan out with Zappa’s kid

I need a gun – even a plastic one –
no, I want a plastic one

fallan in with the rhythm section of motley crue
twenty five American dollars
callan in on olivia newton john
she gave me a job
sellan cougars
& koala bears

bin doan it on m’own

I rarely pause during my day
to give thought to those Dodge/Rockerfeller oil barons

kiss you on the doorstep ?

where, on a gurl, would you find a doorstep?

{Is that a metaphor or something? I am A Simple Man…}

You are a fucking liar, Mr Albert I Woas Jr! Mrs Lee Franklin is WASTED upon you!

Matt fucking Dillon – Jesu he is GREAT!!!!
isnt he fucking GREAT!!!????!!!

I shoulda done a trade…

free power tools
beer at 3:30…

oh, NO! I shoulda bin an actor – Mickey Rourke, Kirk Douglas, Matt fucking Dillon!
oh, that other guy – Nick Nolte – AND Jeff Bridges (who is just Nick Nolte anyway)


I should also be a rockstar – MUST ring these guys!!!

now these guys are teachan Pavement what to do –

did Seth tell he loves The Fauves?

listen to this: (it’s the one about the gun again)

and I will never, ever lie…

Besides Matisse and Derain, other artists included Albert Marquet (never heard of him), Charles Camoin, Louis Valtat (never heard of him), the Belgian painter Henri Evenepoel, Jean Puy, Maurice de Vlaminck (never heard of him), Alfred Maurer, Henri Manguin, Raoul Dufy (love that guy – met his daughter – she rocks!), Othon Friesz (what kinda name is that?), Georges Rouault, the Dutch painter Kees van Dongen, the Swiss painter Alice Bailly (where en Suisse? How would you pronounce her name? Does she hafta change evertime she switches cantons?) and Georges Braque .

matisse - open window - need we say more?

oh – the gun song again!

(disclosure: I {we; actually – I made her m’ accomplice, ‘Tish!} just stole an ikeakaeakeanuauau – WHY do these horrid fucking frightful coincidences plague me ? – table [and a chef!]
then had to borrow one of them funny hex keys…)

I shoulda done a trade…

free power tools
beer at 3:30
AND some of them funny hex keys…

oh yea! TV star!

did Seth tell he loves The Fauves?

The Gurl - sick of this every evening...

I left my leathers inthe halllway

put the CD on

and changed her Whirl