The Energy Catalyzer!


You could, Parishioners,

trawl thru Teh Luvverly Interwebs (Wikipedia!) yourselves

or get it all here – with pictures!

We turn our attention now to

Andrea Rossi – Inventor!

KING of acapella

The Highly Respected New Energy Times

(no paper consumed in this valiant effort to change Teh Whirl)

“You can’t provide energy for the future by burning anything.”
[UNNAMED!] – New Energy Institute Founding Sponsor

“I am sure that the E-Cats will evolve, like the Ford T evolved in a 2011 NASCAR Ford.”

intelligent design, fuckers!

An examination of the patent may be found here

you can tell everybody

aluminium foil & electricians tape…

could be a song…

Scepticism available here

On January 14, 2011, Andrea Rossi and Sergio Focardi gave the worlds’ first public demonstration of a nickel-hydrogen fusion reactor capable of producing thermal power. If their extraordinary claims turn out to be true, this mysterious E-Cat would be one of the greatest inventions of mankind ever.

However, as we all know:  “Extraordinary claims, require extraordinary evidence

And maybe Andrea Rossi knows: “Extraordinary scams, require extraordinary claims

Video of the Ecat test in Bologna October 6, 2011,  at

You Tube of that here, along with many other YTs

the big silver box!

this be alla our thang, eh? needs more foils...



Happy Bday Desi!


Yes, Parishioners,
today is the 80th birthday of The Great Desi Tutu!


If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor

From Wikipedia:

Desmond Mpilo Tutu is a South African activist and retired Anglican bishop who rose to worldwide fame during the 1980s as an opponent of apartheid. He was the first black South African Archbishop of Cape Town, South Africa and primate of the Church of the Province of Southern Africa (now the Anglican Church of Southern Africa).


Tutu has been active in the defence of human rights and uses his high profile to campaign for the oppressed. He has campaigned to fight [among other thangs] AIDS, tuberculosis, homophobia, transphobia, poverty and racism.


[Among other Honours] Tutu received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1984, the Albert Schweitzer Prize for Humanitarianism in 1986, the Pacem in Terris Award in 1987, the Sydney Peace Prize (1999), the Gandhi Peace Prize in 2005, and the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2009.

a childlike, boyish, impish, mischievousness

Most recently:
Desmond Tutu, still tackling authorities at 80

The Nobel Peace Prize winner, known fondly as the “Arch“, is at fresh odds with authorities whom he has blasted as worse than the apartheid regime for kowtowing to trade ally China by not issuing a visa to the Dalai Lama [another o’ my favourite people] for his birthday.

Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.


Also, Happy Bday Yo-Yo Ma!

The tango is really a combination of many cultures, though it eventually became the national music of Argentina


and me!

born, matured, over-extended, reined-in, refined, patched, updated, over-extended again, propped-up and finally widely declared to be obsolete…

Obama meets His Holiness

Yea, Parishioners,

POTUS (rhymes with Otis!) has met His Holiness

Hypocrisy reigns…


the White House issued a statement in which Obama stressed the U.S. policy that “Tibet is a part of the People’s Republic of China and the United States does not support independence for Tibet.”


But the Dalai Lama himself does not propose “independence,” per se, which makes the president’s statement seem all the more like an attempt to placate China.


In a statement released after the 45-minute meeting, White House spokesman Jay Carney said Obama also “underscored the importance of the protection of human rights of Tibetans in China,”


Yea, Parishioners, Hypocrisy reigns…

make me one with everything

GOOD shall win!

Malcolm Loses It


Reading this excellent Playboy interview, Parishioners, with Miles Davis (thx Kottke!)

by Alex Haley, September 1, 1962

Have you always been so sensitive about being a Negro?

I noticed that the next interview was with Malcolm X

also by Alex Haley, May 1, 1963.

Having read his autobiography (as told to Alex Haley),


the most important book I'll ever read

I was most interested & dove into it.

Begins rather well,

with Br X coming off as a thoughtful, respectful dude,

(although with an agenda to push)

praising the Honorable Elijah Mohammed

for enlightening him

but he gradually loses it…


Some excerpts:

Malcolm X: Insofar as the Christian world is concerned, dictatorships have existed only in areas or countries where you have Roman Catholicism. Catholicism conditions your mind for dictators. Can you think of a single Protestant country that has ever produced a dictator?

Playboy: Germany was predominantly Protestant when Hitler-

Power in defense of freedom is greater than power in behalf of tyranny and oppression.

The Jews pooled their money and bought the hotels that barred them [Negroes]. They bought Atlantic City and Miami Beach and anything else they wanted. Who owns Hollywood? Who runs the garment industry, the largest industry in New York City?

No, when there’s something worth owning, the Jew’s got it. Walk up and down in any Negro ghetto in America. Ninety percent of the worthwhile businesses you see are Jew-owned. Every night they take the money out. This helps the black man’s community stay a ghetto.

* * *

Playboy: Then you consider it impossible for the white man to be anything but an exploiter and a hypocrite in his relations with the Negro?

Malcolm X: White people are born devils by nature. They don’t become so by deeds.

Playboy: You say that white men are devils by nature. Was Christ a devil?

Malcolm X: Christ wasn’t white. Christ was a black man.

Playboy: On what Scripture do you base this assertion?

Malcolm X: Sir, Billy Graham has made the same statement in public. Why not ask him what Scripture he found it in? When Pope Pius XII died, Life magazine carried a picture of him in his private study kneeling before a black Christ.

Playboy: Those are hardly quotations from Scripture. Was He not reviled as “King of the Jews” – a people the Black Muslims attack?

Malcolm X: Only the poor, brainwashed American Negro has been made to believe that Christ was white, to maneuver him into worshiping the white man.

Be peaceful, be courteous, obey the law, respect everyone; but if someone puts his hand on you, send him to the cemetery.

Malcolm X: Well, Hannibal, the most successful general that ever lived, was a black man. So was Beethoven; Beethoven’s father was one of the blackamoors that hired themselves out in Europe as professional soldiers. Haydn, Beethoven’s teacher, was of African descent. Columbus, the discoverer of America, was a half-black man.

Playboy: According to biographies considered definitive, Beethoven’s father, Johann, was a court tenor in Cologne; Haydn’t parents were Croatian; Columbus’ parents were Italian-

Malcolm X: Whole black empires, like the Moorish, have been whitened to hide the fact that a great black empire had conquered a white empire even before America was discovered. The Moorish civilization – black Africans – conquered and ruled Spain; they kept the light burning in Southern Europe. The word “Moor” means “black,” by the way. Egyptian civilization is a classic example of how the white man stole great African cultures and makes them appear today as white European. The black nation of Egypt is the only country that has a science named after its culture: Egyptology. The ancient Sumerians, a black-skinned people, occupied the Middle Eastern areas and were contemporary with the Egyptian civilization. The Incas, the Aztecs, the Mayans, all dark-skinned Indian people…

* * *

Malcolm X: Mr. Muhammad says that the red, the brown and the yellow are indeed all part of the black nation. Which means that black, brown, red, yellow, all are brothers, all are one family. The white one is a stranger. He’s the odd fellow.

Playboy: Since your classification of black peoples apparently includes the light-skinned Oriental, Middle Eastern and possibly even Latin races as well as the darker Indian and Negroid strains, just how do you decide how light-skinned it’s permissible to be before being condemned as white? And if Caucasian whites are devils by nature, do you classify people by degrees of devilishness according to the lightness of their skin?

Malcolm X: I don’t worry about these little technicalities.

I believe in human beings, and that all human beings should be respected as such, regardless of their color.

Thoughtful white people know they are inferior to black people. Even Eastland knows it. Anyone who has studied the genetic phase of biology knows that white is considered recessive and black is considered dominant. When you want strong coffee, you ask for black coffee. If you want it light, you want it weak, integrated with white milk. Just like these Negroes who weaken themselves and their race by this integrating and intermixing with whites. If you want bread with no nutritional value, you ask for white bread. All the good that was in it has been bleached out of it, and it will constipate you. If you want pure flour, you ask for dark flour, whole-wheat flour. If you want pure sugar, you want dark sugar.

The future belongs to those who prepare for it today.

…there is plenty wrong with Negroes. They have no society. They’re robots, automatons. No minds of their own. I hate to say that about us, but it’s the truth. They are a black body with a white brain. Like the monster Frankenstein. The top part is your bourgeois Negro. He’s your integrator. He’s not interested in his poor black brothers. He’s usually so deep in debt from trying to copy the white man’s social habits that he doesn’t have time to worry about nothing else. They buy the most expensive clothes and cars and eat the cheapest food. They act more like the white man than the white man does himself.

You don't have to be a man to fight for freedom. All you have to do is to be an intelligent human being.

I was finally caught and spent 77 months in three different prisons. But it was the greatest thing that ever happened to me, because it was in prison that I first heard the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. His teachings were what turned me around. The first time I heard the Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s statement, “The white man is the devil,” it just clicked. I am a good example of why Islam is spreading so rapidly across the land. I was nothing but another convict, a semi-illiterate criminal.

"I didn't do it" he says, and he throws up his hands...

Playboy: Are you contradicting yourself by denouncing white supremacy while praising its practitioners, since you admit that you share their goal of separation?

Malcolm X: …I prefer the candor of the Southern segregationist to the hypocrisy of the Northern integrationist…

You can't separate peace from freedom because no one can be at peace unless he has his freedom.

Playboy: If Muslims ultimately gain control as you predict, do you plan to bestow “true freedom” on white people?

Malcolm X: It’s not a case of what would we do, it’s a case of what would God do with whites. What does a judge do with the guilty? Either the guilty atone, or God executes judgement.

I am for violence if non-violence means we continue postponing a solution to the American black man's problem just to avoid violence.
I believe in a religion that believes in freedom. Any time I have to accept a religion that won’t let me fight a battle for my people, I say to hell with that religion.


On March 8, 1964, Malcolm X publicly announced his break from the Nation of Islam. He said that he was still a Muslim, but he felt the Nation of Islam had “gone as far as it can” because of its rigid religious teachings. Malcolm X said he was going to organize a black nationalist organization that would try to “heighten the political consciousness” of African Americans. He also expressed his desire to work with other civil rights leaders and said that Elijah Muhammad had prevented him from doing so in the past.

One reason for the separation was growing tension between Malcolm X and Elijah Muhammad because of Malcolm X’s dismay about rumors of Muhammad’s extramarital affairs with young secretaries. Such actions were against the teachings of the Nation. Although at first Malcolm X ignored the rumors, he spoke with Muhammad’s son Wallace and the women making the accusations. He came to believe that they were true, and Muhammad confirmed the rumors in 1963.



Here we are, Parishioners,

OFFICIALLY (I declare so) Off The Wagon,

Dr C & Seth sittan up against the fence in The Green Strip

weeds in The Green Strip

with an esky fulla icewater & Coops;

one in hand & one already down,

awaiting MOONRISE!  Cheers!

Today is the Autumn Equinox

and the closest approach of the full moon in twenty years –


saguaro Moon

There be one Huge Gum Tree blockan the horizon –

I SO hope due East isn’t there –

nonetheless, a handy compass bearing if so…

Brought Trusty Iridium Choppers™ to block glare

& render Moon even redder –

as long as it’s not behind HGT –

& periodically remove ‘em to scan the horizon:

hills – check

hills in background – check

robots in foreground – check

robots on horizon – check


Wander over to check behind HGT – it obscures (right to left)

a bushy clump of three trees,

three robots in the foreground, poking up into the sky, and

two tiny robots in front of

three smaller bushy trees.

robots in the sunset

Return to fence with Dr C

remove Choppers™ momentarily – no Moon…

Rise to check Sun: yep, settan over there –

a beautiful orange orb from behind the Choppers™ –

about to start hidan behind The Jannan Tree

(known as The Jannan Tree cuz every time I pass

there be new empty stubbies beneath it.

Never seen anyone beneath The Jannan Tree –

could this be a Leprechaun thang?)


NOW, what I thought was a Cloud

IS THE MOON! (I think…)

NO – wait – still might be a Cloud –

there’s Clouds on that thar horizon, Mister…

There arre indeed, which renders this more inneraestan/challengan!

Choppers™ off – there be some Serious Scannan to be done!

(& Coops to be changed)

robots rock the sunset


Just as I look up from the changan –

it’s already as high as the streetlight

but I missed Moonrise due to Cloud Cover

(note to stealthies, sneaker-uppers & flying Ninja –

Cloud cover may be useful…)

It’s BIG & WHITE & I think I can see the rabbit

(but it may still be Cloud Cover)

Choppers™ down – no enhancement – worse, in fact.

Sun check: hidan behing The Jannan Tree –

orange, pink, effusive Cloudglow sky –

but not down yet.

Abandon Choppers™ – MOON now higher than streetlight

(startan to glow for warmup)

rabbit clearly visible!

the rabbit in The Moon

Smiles all round:

Happy Sun

Happy Moon

Happy Seth


While cleanan The Secretary’s gutter this afternoon

I considered going back up on the roof for The Event

but co-opted Dr C & came down here to The Green Strip instead.

Moon is startan to turn yellow

but some bastard pointy blue Cloud is cuttan in front!


HA! makes joke: observes prevailing winds (Easterly),

sez to Seth “Moon shall rise above this!”

Seth make joke! Throws arm ’round Dr C & chortles!

Moon hidden by Cloud, Moon peeks over Cloud,


take that, Cloud!

Sun check: still very light but no Sun.

Streetlight opposite The Jannan Tree on full power –

there’s another way we can save Earth!

HA! wuz just about to insert “Home of Dandelions (weeds) & Magpies”

into text, before first mention of The Green Strip,

when two magpies show up!

This is their place;

every time I walk on by

there are two, maybe four,

guardan The Green Strip.

magpie guardians

Sky now blue, Moon gettan higher – but no more yellowy

Magpies know it’s sunset cuz they start singan

The magpies own The Green Strip, the streetlights, the HGT,

the fence next to it

and the road – when they feel like it…

Finish off the Coops, say goodbye Moon (seeya later tonite)

& stroll off back to The Castle

to watch Iron Chef & Rockwiz


Happy Autumn Equinox, Parishioners!

I am The Moon

26 & 137 – Scientific PROOF of the Existence of God


I am, as you know, Parishioners,

of an Ecumenical disposition

and, if I may allow Seth a little Hubris,

rather well educated

but this is fucking hilarious!


Selected excerpts:

Kabbalah is a collection of secret ancient teachings. Kabbalah and the principles of Kabbalah were formulated and written down in ancient Hebrew 5,000 years before Christ

The Kabbalah Code is the scientific part of the writings of Kabbalah that reflect man’s understanding and speculation of the nature of the Universe through numbers 5,000 years before Christ that are in complete agreement with today’s modern scientific theories in physics, quantum mechanics, and string theory. It is amazing but the ideas embodied in the latest theories in physics can be found in the writings of Kabbalah 5,000 years before Christ

Kabbalah Tree of Life

Scientific PROOF of the Existence of God
by Bill SerGio, The Infomercial King™

Myself and other scientific researchers, physicists, and mathematicians believe that recent breaktthroughs in theoretical physics PROVE the existence of GOD.  I will present the proof here and it is amazing. We start by defining “God” and the properties that God must posses and then demonstrating that something exists in the Universe with those properties.

Definition of God: God is an entity that must have the following properties:

  • Omniscient. God must be All Knowing and have instantaneous knowledge of all things
  • Omnipresent. God must be present everywhere. Here on earth and in a galaxy a million light years away
  • Omnipotent. God must have unlimited power which we can define as the spontaneous ability to create unlimited amounts of energy or matter in any form
  • Self-Aware. God must be “self-aware”

In quantum mechanics it has already been proven that the Universe has ALL of these properties, and therefore, the Universe satisfies this definition of God and is, therefore, God. everything, ourselves included, is connect to and a part of everything else as eastern religion has stated for centuries. We are God and God is us and we are connected to all that exists

several recent proofs in theoretical physics have shown that the Universe must be “self-aware.”

The Ancient Kabbalah

Why Prayer Really Works Over 600 good scientific studies have demonstrated that prayer can heal sick persons. Indouble-blind, clincal cross-over study after study it has beendemonstrated that a group of people praying for a total stranger can affect the health outcome of that sick person thousands of miles away. Now that we know that all things in the Universe are connected through serveral dimensions of ZEO length it is easy to understand how prayer or thought can be instantly trasmitted to a person thousnads of miles away or millions of light-years away.

Kabbalah & String Theory Kabbalah is in complete agreement with science. A rabbi wrote down 5,000 before Christ a mathematical calculation to determine the age of the Universe—he calcualted that it was 13.5 BILLION years old. Unitil just a few years ago scientists believed the Universe was only 3 to 5 billion years old and recently a group of scientists shared the Nobel Prize for showing that the Universe was 13.5 Billion years old

click for full size image

It was written in the works of Kabbalah, 5,000 years before Christ, that the numbers, 26 and 137, which are said to be the fundamental numbers of the universe

Kabbalah teaches God is 26

(The Pixies, however, claim God is 7…)

Richard Feynman, recognized as our foremost authority on the subject of creation, a brilliant physicist, and Nobel Laureate, is quoted as saying that physicists ought to remind themselves of how much they dont know by putting a sign on the walls of their offices with the number, 137

Werner Heisenberg, another giant in the world of physics said that all the problems of quantum theory would disappear only when 137 was explained

Neils Bohr discovered that when electrons absorbed energy they jumped to higher orbits and that these jumps occur  at very specific distances from the nucleus. On his death bed he confessed that he derived these numbers from the number 26 in Kabb

The Kabbalists had an understanding of the structure of the hydrogen atom 5,000 years before Christ and they wrote down the EXACT sequence of numbers above representing the energy levels of the hydrogen atom

the Bohr Hydrogen atom

Bless The Infomercial King™

i live by a railway line


Stephen Cummings, Parishioners – an edit:

Monday March 15, 2010


The Train Diaries

If a reporter with a camera hidden in a rolled up newspaper were to film me you would see that I am leaning against a ticket machine at a railway station. Swarms of Monash University students flood by me. With that goal in mind, I straightened up and grabbed my monthly ticket and walked up the steep ramp to the platform….

An announcement came over the Tannoys; an express to Flinders Street was arriving in one minute…

Among the symbols employed by the Christians of the first ages in decorating their tombs, those which relate to the Eucharist hold a place of the first importance. The monuments of greatest consequence on which these symbols are depicted exist, principally, in the subterranean cemeteries of early Christian Rome, better known as the Roman catacombs. Their discovery and reopening in the latter half of the nineteenth century have thrown great light on more or less obscure allusions in early Christian literature.

In this way Catholic theology now possesses supplementary information of appreciable value bearing on the belief in, and the manner of celebrating, the Eucharist in the sub-Apostolic age. According to Wilpert, an expert scholar in this field of Christian archaeology, the symbolic representations of the catacombs which refer to the Eucharist form three groups, inspired by three of Christ’s miracles, namely

the miraculous multiplication of the loaves and fishes

the banquet of the seven Disciples by the Sea of Galilee after the Resurrection

the miracle of Cana

It is to the first two of these miracles, probably, that we owe the famous fish symbol, which briefly summed up the chief articles of the Christian belief. The earliest and always the favourite symbol of the Eucharist in the monuments was that inspired by the miracle of the multiplication of the loaves and fishes; the banquet of the seven Disciples appears only in one (second-century) catacomb scene; the miracle of Cana in two, one of which is of the early third, the other of the fourth century.

After three decades I need a break from music;

I no longer have the endurance to deal with the doughnuts

I would spend 2010 riding the train every day to some destination and see what happens

I would get my bliss back…

I have ignored the geographic side of Melbourne for too long
I will experience the city as though I were an out-of-towner
I will travel to Jacana, Rockbank, Hallam and other mysterious suburbs…

As a rule a stairway leads below the surface to a depth of from thirty-three to forty-nine feet or even more

In some cases an arenaria, or sand-pit, forms the starting-point

The labyrinth of galleries is incalculable




Other titles are used, such as “Lord’s Supper” (Coena Domini), “Table of the Lord” (Mensa Domini), the “Lord’s Body” (Corpus Domini), and the “Holy of Holies” (Sanctissimum), to which may be added the following expressions, and somewhat altered from their primitive meaning: Agape (Love-Feast), Eulogia (Blessing), Synaxis“(Assembly), etc.; but the ancient title Eucharistia appearing in writers as early as Ignatius, Justin, and Irenæus, has taken precedence in the technical terminology of the Church and her theologians. The expression “Blessed Sacrament of the Altar”, introduced by Augustine, is at the present day almost entirely restricted to catechetical and popular treatises – it yields in nothing to the Allied Mysteries of the Trinity and the Incarnation

I live by a railway line

concrete sleepers

rail maintenance apparatus stacked between the track…

First Thing in the Morning

again at sunset

I see the commuters as I walk the dog

the trains come roaring beside me
covered in tags and graffiti

Unexpectedly! one stops due to power malfunctions –
the passengers look warily out the windows,
exhausted and vacant, crammed together willy-nilly

after eight hours of drudgework.

I want to experience some of their indolence

I notice there are no seats available

and no one is inclined to stand for me –

a silver-haired old rocker.

I settle into a nook between a frame and a door
I hang on to a hand strap.
I couldn’t move if I wanted to

School kids with bags shove themselves aboard

I close my eyes
It’s pretty much all this way….

a portal to ugliness

I choose the back carriage on my return journey
because it’s handy to the exit.
You can’t move your arms due to the crowd
yet no one panics

For unknown reasons
the train stops for 10 minutes at Richmond

Everything stops at Richmond…

My head is a vacuum
Nothing much else happens
Station attendants (or are they security inspectors) huddle together
The train arrives at Caulfield and there’s a mad rush for the door
doing higher education by night –
rush for coupons & tutorials
and God knows what else besides…

The Yesterdays Wine with the fly in it
Consolation Prize


Above all,

I have much to learn

More Train Diaries here

Aah, there are Many Thhaaangs…

Fifty Good Metres –

who could ask more?


Le Rev Dr

Early Symbols of the Eucharist



here is a short reminder:

The miracle of the multiplication

The banquet of the seven disciples

The wedding at Cana


This entire website is available on CD-ROM.

Includes the Catholic Encyclopedia, Church Fathers, Summa, Bible and more…
SALE: 20% off if you buy now…
FREE Shipping Worldwide…


WILPERT, Fractio Panis (Freiburg, 1895); IDEM, Le pitture delle catacombe Romane (Freiburg im Br. and Rome, 1903), large folio, replaces for completeness and trustworthiness all previous similar works, e.g. DE ROSSI, GARRUCCI, etc.; WIELAND, Mensa und Confessio (Munich, 1906); KRAUS in Real-Encyklopédie, etc. (Freiburg, 1882), 433-41; MARUCCHI, Eléments d’archéol. chrét. (Paris, 1905), I, 291-307, also new edition (1908); NORTHCOTE AND BROWNLOW, Roma Sotterranea (London, 1878), passim; LOWRIE, Monuments of the Early Ch. (New York, 1901), non-Catholic.

APA citation: Hassett, M. (1909). Early Symbols of the Eucharist. In The Catholic Encyclopedia. New York: Robert Appleton Company. Retrieved March 15, 2010 from New Advent:

MLA citation: Hassett, Maurice. “Early Symbols of the Eucharist.” The Catholic Encyclopedia. Vol. 5. New York: Robert Appleton Company, 1909. 15 Mar. 2010 .

Transcription: This article was transcribed for New Advent by [“]Bob Elder.[“]

Ecclesiastical approbation: [WHA???] Nihil Obstat. May 1, 1909. Remy Lafort, Censor. Imprimatur. +John M. Farley, Archbishop of New York.

Contact information: The editor of New Advent is Kevin Knight. My email address is feedback732 at (To help fight spam, this address might change occasionally.) Regrettably, I can’t reply to every letter, but I greatly appreciate your feedback — especially notifications about typographical errors and inappropriate ads.

Ah; SALVATION: 20% off…


Le Rev Dr

Buddy Cop TV Shows We’d Love to See


Inspired by Dave Graney & The Coral Snakes live in 1991
The Lure of the Tropics

Live at the Prince of Wales hotel in St Kilda 1991

  • Starsky & Christopher Hitchens

  • Cagney & Lucy
  • Batman & Robin Williams
  • Elton John & Ponch

  • Steve & Daniel Johnston
  • Terry & Bea Arthur
  • Bob Mould & Scully

  • Agent Cooper & Lady Di
  • Quincy & Sammy Davis Jr
  • Remington Steele & Lara Bingle
  • Bootsy & Doyle

Bless’em All, Parishioners…

I Want the Angel


I confess, Parishioners…

I have, of late,

been listening to Warren Zevon.

Warren Zevon as Tom Wolfe

Vale Jim Carroll

Jim Carroll lookan goo!

I have recently re-evaluted DiCapprio

Here is the joke

also, The Game…

Yes, I saw Basketball Diaries

Jim Carroll in Koln

Yes, I, too, would start a band

if Patti Smith told

A whore in love

with her own reflection

Ron has this album

so does Iggy

so does Lou

fuck – those goatwankers covered it!

– the rocksteady?

oh, yea, Keef stole Shattered from here!

Jim Carroll - Dry Dreams

Jim brags

he has Extreme Unction


I can deliver that

they wait in shadows

steal the light from your eyes

The Angel cant see me...

I’z takan the rest o’ the day

to listen to Catholic Boy

again & again

to revisit the late ‘70’s

& won’t stop

‘til I get to Blondie’s first album – definitive death o’ Punk

light relief, tho,

is Superstylin’!

(& Tame Impala’s first ep)

Tens of thousands of other people have also died.

Angel Island

Also Patrick Swayze

(no joke here)

[The Game]


Le Rev Dr