Models Inducted into ARIA Hall of Fame


GREAT NEWS Parishioners!

My Heroes (and namesakes), Models,

Models in black & white

Models’ early style was a spiky, distinctive blend of New Wave, glam rock, dub and pop: which included Kelly’s strangled singing voice, Duffield’s virtuoso synthesiser performances and the band’s cryptic, slightly gruesome, lyrics

have been inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame!

And you’ll be inducted by Wendy Matthews [who toured with Models for many years, and was Kelly’s partner of over a decade], which is very appropriate.
Yeah, I think it’s good. I can tell you were not going to make her sing backing vocals during the performance because we’re required to perform a couple of tunes – but clearly she shouldn’t be down the back.

So for the performances it’s just gonna be you and Barton staying there while the rest of the band changes around you depending on the song?
No, at this stage we plan to just all get up and play together, you know like the big expanded line up. Although at this stage James Freud’s role is kind of ill-defined because initially he didn’t really want to be involved in the whole ceremony but I believe he’s changed his mind now so we’re yet to kind of figure how that’s going to affect everything.

On 27 October 2010, Models were inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame by Wendy Matthews

 portrait Models

In early 1985, Models started recording material for their next album, Out of Mind, Out of Sight, produced by Launay, Lucas and Mark Opitz. A single from the album, “Barbados”, was released in March, which peaked at No. 2. It was a reggae influenced song co-written by Freud and Duffield (prior to his departure). The song related a tale of alcoholism and suicide, it later provided Freud with the titles of his two autobiographies, I Am the Voice Left from Drinking (2002) and I Am the Voice Left from Rehab (2007)

I recall reading in an old NME or RAM (remember that?)

that Sean Kelly & James Freud met scavenging through a dumpster

in the alley behind a  methadone clinic…

sexy James

Sydney Morning Herald – 4 Nov 2010

JAMES FREUD, bass player and singer with the successful 1980s band Models, died at the age of 51 at his home in the Melbourne suburb of Hawthorn yesterday

Model rocker Freud loses battle with demon in the bottle

James Freud's autograph

The Age – 4 Nov 2010

Australia’s music industry is reeling following the death of the Models frontman James Freud today

Models’ frontman tragedy: James Freud takes own life

James’s battle with alcoholism has been well chronicled.

His two books – I Am the Voice Left from Drinking (2002) and I Am the Voice Left from Rehab (2007)

on his recovery and five years’ sobriety were bestsellers

and gave a lot of people who were suffering the same affliction comfort and hope

James demonstrates drinking & rehab