Kathy Evison


Been watchan, Parishioners,

Diagnosis: Murder (TV series 1993–2001)

(a most guilty pleasure)


In this one particular episode,

Blood Ties (#6.21, 1999)

I notice A Delightful Little Chipmunk!


Kathy Evison!


 a *most* delightful little chipmunk!

Date of Birth: 16 January 1963, Boulder City, Nevada, USA
Birth Name: Kathleen G. Evison
Height: 5′ 9″ (1.75 m)

Kathy Evison’s father is employee of the National Park Service. By the age of 18 she had moved with her family as much as 20 times from one park to another, including Grand Canyon, Sequoia and her favorite: Grand Tetons. She financed her college education by modeling, including appearances all over the world in television commercials and magazines like Shape [Shape, Parishioners!],  Self and Seventeen. She graduated cum laude with a degree in ***rhetoric*** [Parishioners!] from the University of California at Davis. After her decision to switch to acting, she appeared at first in two Spelling productions: “The Heights” (1992) and “Beverly Hills, 90210” (1990) before she got a regular in “SeaQuest DSV” (1993).

other details about Kathy Evison, like tattoos, hook-ups or relationships...

Pimp Milton Wilder is shot in an alley by women. An embezzled businessman who finds his partner also cheated him with his wife fails to kill him, follows the paramedics to Community General and fails again in Jesse’s OR because of a crazily daring intervention from Steve’s LAPD colleague detective Taylor Lucas, the new partner of more orthodox rising vice squad star Amy Devlin, detailed to assist Steve in the Wilder case, but first they must arrest bail-jumper Laurette Stipe in a biker bar, which leads to a gun-fight killing Stipe with a bullet matching the Wilder murder, as it was planted by Lucas who was among his killers.

[that, Parishioners, is one sentence!]

Their investigation and deception go on, till they come too close to Mark, who works out the medical link between the victims and its relevance, while the killers…

considerably bleaker than most other black writers of the time

A more concise synopsis:

Episode Score:  8.4 Great

16 votes

Absurdly bland episode lacks the usual Goldberg/Rabkin sizzle. Two female vice-officers uncover four corrupt female homicide cops who murder felons to harvest their organs for those more deserving.

I had an alien morph into my body so I could make out with Mark Hamill


Two female vice-unit detectives — the calm and professional Detective Amy Devlin (Evison) and her hotheaded partner, Detective Taylor Lucas (McLellan), a former special agent for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives — are investigating the murder of local pimp Milton Wilder and uncover a conspiracy by four corrupt female police officers who murder felons (including Wilder and Laurette Stipe, a bail-jumping gunrunner biker Devlin and Taylor were pursuing) to harvest their organs for the most-seriously-ill patients using the Violent Criminal Apprehension Program (VICAP) DNA database of felons and the organ-donor registry.

The episode Blood Ties was filmed as a pilot episode for a spin off series called Whistlers which would have starred her and Zoe McLellan.  Ultimately, the show wasn’t picked up by the network…

I started referring to Henderson as 'The Sea Slut'

PS!  The New Adventures of Flipper:

  • Jessica Alba [!] as Maya Graham (Seasons 1-2)
  • Gus Mercurio [!] as Cap (Seasons 2-4)
  • Skye Patch [!] as Courtney Gordon (Season 3 (recurring), Season 4)

Jessica Alba almost had dolphin sex once

Today’s Digest


A SHITTY day here at The Reverendry, Parishioners,

one may only Hope thangs improve…

ANYHOW, to bring you’all up to date,

here is The News:


Many developmental abnormalities – e.g. cleft palate – arise from changes in gene signalling

“I can envision a day when we eliminate such defects in the womb” says Jill

The Cleft Palate Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to optimizing the quality of life for individuals affected by facial birth defects.

Fortunately, cleft lip and cleft palate are very treatable, often at approximately 10 weeks of age

Abzhanov dreams of turning chickens back into the dinosaurs they evolved from

which came first?

Albertson crossed blue chiclid fish and was surprises to find that some of the offspring were red

the fossil record is incomplete and mathematical modelling is boring

Wikipedia sez: An alligator is a crocodilian in the genus Alligator of the family Alligatoridae. There are two extant alligator species: the American alligator (Alligator mississippiensis) and the Chinese alligator (Alligator sinensis)

The name alligator is an anglicized form of el lagarto, the Spanish term for “lizard”

Alligators remain almost unchanged since the Cretaceous

The alligator is notorious for its bone-crushing bites

American alligators live in freshwater environments, such as ponds, marshes, wetlands, rivers, lakes, and swamps

Smaller & More Efficient!

A study of Taiwanese reveals that just HALF!

the recommended amount of daily exercise

adds three years to your life!

Beigan, Taiwan, has stone houses and fish noodles

“the highest measured level was 36 millisieverts, well below the dose considered dangerous”

volunteers found 69 new planet candidates – using their eyes


there are no plans to vaccinate against cholera because it is expensive –

the best vaccine is soap and water, says Sandy


younger siblings of children with autism are 19% more likely to develop the condition

the latest study in families with more than one autistic child suggests genetics plays a role

The prevalence of autism is about 1–2 per 1,000 people worldwide but approximately 9 per 1,000 children in the United States

The World Health Organisation took 30 stool samples this month

acute watery diarrhoea is often a prelude to cholera


In effect, turtles flip their ribcage inside out to produce a shell

Common snapping turtle (left) and alligator snapping turtle (right)

Staff Writer Goes For Pulitzer!

“cool spells would be minor detours on the road to a warmer world”


“it was equally likely that sea ice would increase or decrease” says Jennifer

a modelling study says greenhouse gas emissions and natural variations…

she used a state-of-the-art model to tease humans and non-humans

in 19 out of the last 20 La Niñas, storm clouds have bypassed Texas

El Niño is an opera -oratorio by the American composer John Adams

“without more details, anyone who claims they can give an explanation is” spouting shit.”


in June, the most recent month for which there is data…

in 2009, the most recent year for which data is available…

riots in england were sparked by the shooting of a man by police

surprisingly, social science and psychology are more likely to provide insights


riots are carried out by groups of people with a common understanding of the world


the doctor says maybe it’s a bacterial infection, and gives you antibiotics; or maybe it’s a virus so here’s a decongestant, and have some antibiotics anyway…

your doctor tried different drugs until one worked – diagnosis by treatment


1000 °C is much too hot for clouds

melting clouds

That’s all for today, Parishioners!

Coles Sports for Schools


Apologies, Parishioners,
this is a little late.
Still, it is now time to redeem your vouchers!


Please be assured if the delay in sending your satchels is due to the delay in receiving additional satchels we will of course accept the satchels for processing

Cheryl Russell, 58, said that Karama Coles was handy
(and other stores owned by the sprawling behemoth that is Wesfarmers)
in its infinite generousity

is running a Sports for Schools programme

Cathy, Curtis & some bloke

Collecting vouchers is easy! Every member of your school’s community will earn one voucher for every $10 spent in a Coles, Coles Online, BI-LO or Pick ‘n’ Pay store from July 29th through to October 18th just for doing their regular shop!


For every $10 spent, they’ll earn 1 voucher
1 x Coles Sports for Schools voucher = 1 Point


Plus throughout the program there will be opportunities to collect bonus vouchers with our special promotional offers on over 1,800 selected products. So keep an eye out instore, online and on TV!
(Excluded items include: Coles Express and Coles Insurance purchases, and gift cards, liquor, tobacco and tobacco related product purchases. Other products may also be excluded at Coles’ discretion)

However, some Parishioners are Not Happy;
a search for “Coles Sports for Schools rip off
reveals some cynics…

Lessee; at 1 point per $10,
this costs $7.00

will tend to travel slower than the puck
this costs $33.50

vinyl covered folding prism with arrow
and this costs $180 100
no error in transposing times from watch to paper
My favourite, however, is
A variety of equipment suitable for participation in Traditional Indigenous Games!

2 Bocce sets, 4 Flat hoops 60cm, 4 Flat hoops 75cm – $305 600!

PS: someone has declared today Steve Irwin Day!