The Fall of Society


Fucking Drunk Willie broke it –

we can’t do anything until it’s fixed –

we’re fucked.

he didn’t hold it; he just *broke* it

Witness The Fall of Society

My name is Keith Wigdor and I am being harrassed by an anonymous user who created this article on your site,

I am not the author of the above article. Can you please help me and remove the above abuse from your site. I am vewy upset and I ask that you please use your website’s administrative tools to warn and ban the user from ever doing this again.

Please help me dry my tears. I am vewy, vewy distraught about all of this.

Keith Wigdor surrealist

Rogers; Kenny Rogers...

James Fallows warns of The Apocalypse

Countdown to a Meltdown
January 20, 2016, Master Strategy Memo
Subject: The Coming Year—and Beyond

It is time to think carefully about the next year. Our position is uniquely promising—and uniquely difficult.

the roof is on fire

James Fallows, a national correspondent for The Atlantic, has written three cover stories on U.S. foreign policy and Iraq: “Bush’s Lost Year” (October 2004), “Blind Into Baghdad” (January/February 2004), and “The Fifty-first State?” (November 2002).

Evil Pony Girl is *definitely* Not Safe For Work

I want your shoes and your jacket and your little horns!” shouts Fucking Drunk Willie

greedy, drunken Willy…